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arguably one of the best parts of the wedding planning process is knowing that at the end of everything (you’ll be married to your best friend), you’ll get treated to a relaxing honeymoon at (possibly) some exotic locale. and while we’re not taking said official honeymoon until next summer, at times it is definitely the carrot motivating us to persevere through this busy season of life.

i had mentioned in an earlier wedding update that our plans of taking a grecian vacation had been rerouted to our neighbor to the north and i’m here to say that that is still very much the plan. we’ve selected quebec city as our destination and having perused through dozens of google images, read countless trip advisor reviews, and even heard great things firsthand from friends and acquaintances, we are more than happy with our decision.

but i’ll be honest, other than what i could glean through picturesque photographs and laud-filled recommendations, i knew nothing about quebec city. so thank goodness for google! over the last few weeks i have started actively researching the location for our romantic getaway, googling everything from restaurants to museums. despite it being relatively quaint, the city is so rich in history and culture that there will be no shortage of things to do and see while we’re there.

in our research thus far, here are the five things we’ve dog-eared as must do/see/experience/taste:




(top left and going clockwise)

fairmont le chateau frontenac. hailed as the “most photographed hotel in the word” this hotel looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. which is exactly why we’ll be setting up camp there for 10-14 days (still undecided on how long we’ll take). because when else can you justify staying in a castle than on your honeymoon? overlooking the st. lawrence river, the fairmont le chateau frontenac is nestled in the heart of old quebec. if the picturesque architecture and stunning views weren’t enough, the hotel also boasts a wine and cheese bar, spa, and on-site starbucks. we may never leave.

siberia station spaper the spa’s website, “the sibéria experience is based on a scandinavian concept alternating hot, cold and rest to bring about deep relaxation. this principle of thermotherapy reduces stress, eliminates toxins, relaxes muscles, improves sleep quality and strengthens the immune system while reviving body and soul.” sounds heavenly, no? nestled in nature, the facility offers outdoor hot tubs, a finnish-style sauna, infrared sauna, eucalyptus steam bath, and outdoor cold baths with thermal falls. and the best part? it’s only $42 for an all-day pass.

om prana. since quebec city is located on the predominately french side of canada, it would make sense that their cuisine would reflect the flavors of france. unfortunately for me, the flavors of france aren’t very “shawna-friendly” (i tend to avoid cheese, bread, and in some interpretations -anything fun). therefore it’ll be up to me to do more research before we leave so i’m not left eating trail mix and perfect bars the entire time (though i’m not gonna lie, that sounds delicious). but in my preliminary googling, i did manage to find a vegan restaurant just a few miles away from our hotel. because if S is going to enjoy crepes and poutine , i should enjoy myself some zucchini noodles and cashew cheese. marriage is about compromise, right?

quartier petit champlain. if santa monica has 3rd street and barcelona has las ramblas, quebec city has quartier petit champlain -the quintessential main street filled with sidewalk cafes, one-of-a-kind boutiques. voted “best street in canada” in 2014, it looks like the perfect spot to stroll down on a lazy afternoon.

bike paths. walking can only get you so far when it comes to exploring a new locale, so i love the idea of renting bikes one day and taking advantage of the miles of trails throughout the city -some of which go right along the river! we strategically planned our honeymoon during the summer to take advantage of canada’s best weather, so sneaking in a bike ride or two would ensure that we’d get outside to enjoy the warm temps and gorgeous scenery.


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