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happy black friday! on a day dedicated to getting the most value for your money, it would be appropriate to feature a beauty product that does just that.

i’m talking about the sapphire 8 in 1 curling wand which the team from irresistible me generously gifted me to take for a test drive. since y’all know i’m a curling wand convert, i was excited to try their version which offers users not one, not two, but EIGHT different wand attachments for a variety of curl-sizes and styles.

at just under $200, the product is indeed an investment, but as i’ve entered my 30’s, i’ve learned that it’s okay to splurge a little, especially on the items you end up using all the time (skincare, a good pair of high-heels, quality kitchen gadgets, etc). and given the fact that this wand comes with eight different attachments, it’s kind of like you’re getting eight different products for one price. besides, with the holidays officially here, the wand would be a great gift to put on your christmas list (hint, hint, santa).

if you haven’t used a tool like this one before, there is a bit of a learning curve at first. but for someone who has always been a little curling iron challenged, i will say that a wand curler has made curling my hair infinitely easier. probably the toughest thing to master is how closely to hold your fingers from the wand -which is why the heat-resistant glove is a perfect accessory for beginners. simply slip it on the hand with which you’ll wrap your hair and you’ll easily avoid crispy fingers.





the kit arrived promptly in a glossy and substantial box. i opened it to find a black carrying case with snap closures that unrolled lengthwise to reveal ten compartments -one for each wand attachment as well as one for the wand base and the heat-resistant glove.

the wand came with 8 different ceramic, tourmaline infused, interchangeable barrels ranging in size: 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 18/9mm, 25/13mm, 13/25mm and pearl. since i tend to wear my hair in tighter ringlets, i was excited to test out the larger barrel to achieve a softer wave. i selected the 32mm wand and attached it to the sapphire handle. the corresponding grooves fit easily together and i twisted the barrel to lock it in place. the LED screen lit up immediately and flashed the word “OFF” in all caps against a light blue background once i plugged it. for someone who is always worried about leaving styling tools on before she leaves the house, i loved this feature. to initiate the heating process, i hit the power button once and the wand reached its default temperature of 370-degrees in 20 seconds flat. once it was ready for use, the screen changed from blue to green.




from there, i went about my curling routine like normal -dividing my hair into three sections (bottom, middle & top layers) and then sectioning those layers into 1″-1 1/2″ pieces to wrap around the wand. the rubber tip of the barrel ensured that i didn’t scorch my fingertips and the 360-degree cord allowed me to move about the bathroom freely as i finished curling my hair. to achieve the loose waves (pictured below), it took me about 20 minutes from start to finish.




after i had achieved my desired style, i made sure to click the power button a second time to turn it off and once it had completely cooled, i unlocked the wand, placed the attachment back into its respective section in the carrying bag, and voila! i was ready for my evening.

i’m excited to test out the remaining seven attachments to create a variety of looks -two i’ll be showcasing next week in a post dedicated to holiday hairstyles, so stay tuned!

if you’re looking for a tool that will give you everything from tight ringlets to effortless beach waves, i would highly recommend investing in the sapphire 8 in 1 curling wand.

curls not your thing? irresistible me also carries a line of hair extensions, straightening tools, as well as an array of hair accessories.


thank you to irresistible me for sponsoring this post.

  • Terri
    November 25, 2016

    You gave a nice endorsement. It was personal. It was complete. Thanks for sharing.

    • snadelman
      November 25, 2016

      Thank you! I have literally used it non-stop after receiving it last week and have been so pleased with the results. Stay tuned for a holiday hairstyle post soon!


    • snadelman
      November 30, 2016

      Thank you! I really do love the product, I’ve used it non-stop ever since I received it.

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