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now that we’re officially in april (wait, wasn’t it just february?!), i feel like our honeymoon is finally coming into view. at t-minus three months (and being the OCD planner that i am), i’ve begun assessing my wardrobe for eleven glorious days of travel. while i certainly have a plethora of options to start putting together outfits, i have noticed there are a few holes in my current collection that i’d love to fill. below are the pieces i’m on the hunt for:

casual dress || though i’ll probably end up packing a majority of separates (skirts, crops, tanks & frilly blouses) since they make up a majority of my wardrobe, i do love the idea of having a couple of simple dresses to throw on for a day of exploring. i’ll definitely be bringing this one from last summer (similar options here, here, here here), but it would be nice to have a second simple one in my arsenal. particularly one i could dress up or down depending on the occasion. i have my eye on this one (since i’m all about olive these days), but would definitely want to try it on in person to see how it fits before purchasing. other options include this, this, this, this, and this.

light-wash jean jacket || it’s no secret that we picked july to travel to quebec city based solely on the fact that it’s the month that boasts the province’s highest average temperatures, because my summer clothes pack so much easier than my winter ones 😉 in all seriousness, we’re pretty wimpy when it comes to cold weather (given our thin socal blood), so we wanted to give ourselves the best opportunity to enjoy all that quebec has to offer in the comfort of short-sleeves and sandals! however, i’m not naive enough to think that the weather will be sunny and 75 for entire week and a half we’re there -especially if we go out at night. according to google, the temperatures can dip into the 50’s after the sun goes down so i want to be sure i bring a few pieces of outerwear to keep me warm. one piece my wardrobe was missing was a light-wash denim jacket. while i do already have a great jean jacket, it’s a pretty dark wash and i think overall a lighter-colored one might mix in better with my summer staples/honeymoon packing list. i scored this one from j.crew factory on mega sale but also considered this one, this one, and this one based on glowing reviews.

stylish baseball cap || given my love for hats, you better believe i’ll be bringing a few for days when i don’t want to do my hair (which may be most all of them ;)). i plan on stowing away my straw hat but would love to find a stylish baseball cap for a sporty look. i love this denim version, this one in the distressed olive, and this cute little striped number.

crossbody bag || whether it’s just a quick weekend getaway or an extended trip like the one on which we’re about to embark, i always always pack a crossbody bag for everyday use. downsizing my purse is one of the first things i do in preparing for vacation because it ensures i can keep my valuables with me at all times without having to lug around a giant bag. i have a grey marc jacobs bag (seen here) that has literally been around the world with me but i’d love to have a back-up in a different color because a girl likes to have options, you know? this one currently tops my list (loving it in the blush shade), but i’m also considering this one, this one, and this one.

neutral workout wear || we recently learned that 2017 marks canada’s 150th birthday! (HBD, canada!) so to celebrate, the country is waiving all entrance fees to their national parks. we had already planned on renting a car one of the days for a little road trip to explore the surrounding countryside, but now we have a perfect excuse to take that day trip to one of the parks instead. i ordered us one of these complimentary placards which grants us free access to the location of our choice so we’ll be able to get in a little hiking/exercise during our stay. i’ve found that much like your regular wardrobe, sticking to a single color palette for your workout/loungewear makes it easy to remix pieces you’ve worn before. i’ll definitely be bringing these, these, and these, but hope to snag a pair of these, and a couple more breathable tanks to wear on a hike or throw on in the morning when we do our daily coffee run.

bathing suit || though we’re not going on a “typical” tropical vacation (as many do for their honeymoon), i’ve learned it’s always good to pack a bathing suit. in the very least, there’ll be a hotel spa with our name on it. speaking of spas, through thorough research, i found this siberian spa that boasts both hot and cold natural springs and looks pretty darn amazing for a day of relaxation and pampering. S and i have already added it to our list of places to visit. i snagged this cute frilly top from zara last week to wear with a simple pair of black bottoms i picked-up from target years ago. given our itinerary, i won’t have a need for another suit but if i was in the market for a few more new pieces, i’d definitely pick up this one, this one, this one, and this one.

flat leather sandals || every summer i feel like i go on the quest to find a flat leather sandal that’s not only cute but more importantly, comfortable and can withstand rigorous wear and tear. i’ve heard great things about these, but i can’t get over this bow pair. do i want a lace-up pair or maybe something two-toned with an ankle strap? the possibilities are truly endless. i suppose it’s up to me to get to a store and try some on.

so there you have it, my honeymoon wishlist -not including a few travel-sized toiletries, and plenty of spf. stay tuned for another packing post of what i’ll actually be taking as well approach our departure date. yay!


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  • Aunt Teresa
    April 10, 2017

    Those are all nice picks… I’m partial to the Madewell Windowpane dress; my next pick is the Moon River Tassel Trim dress. Your really did score on the denim jacket and it will serve you well. I vote for the striped cap; looks more feminine. Any of the cross body bags would work but I love your original the most. Your picks for work out wear are spot on… my favorite is the WeWoreWhat x Strut-This. I think I want a pair(!). I’m hugely fussy about bathing suits. All your picks would look great on you but my favorites are the Zara top you snagged, and the Boys + Arrows Riviera bikini (very nice). About the sandals… ouch my feet. They are all very cute (especially the Sam Edelman) but none have arch support. I guess I’m more Birkenstock. The cuteness factor goes with any of your selection. I’m so excited for you.

    • snadelman
      April 11, 2017

      Love your commentary about everything! I’m so excited to share more as we get closer to our departure date. Love you and appreciate your support always! xoxo

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