it’s friday, i’m in love || 5/12/17

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this friday, i’m in love with

all of my mommas || anyone who knows me knows how deeply my relationship with my mother runs. she is not only my mom, but my confidant, cheerleader, and very best friend. she has been my everything for 31 years and continues to be, though she now has to share me with my husband ;). to know her is a gift as she is truly the very best of everything -humor, grace, generosity, selflessness, and beauty, all wound up in a perfect petite package. momma, i love you with all i got!

in addition to my biological mom, i have am fortunate enough to be surrounded by a number of noteworthy mother figures all of whom i am blessed to know, love, and learn from. so to my mother-in-love, step-mom, both grandmothers, aunts, and my sweet cousin who is more like a sister than anything -thank you for providing a wonderful example on what it means to be a caregiver. you are all incredible women who i admire and hope to emulate one day. may you feel honored and celebrated not only on sunday, but everyday that ends in y. you are so loved!


hobes shoes || i can’t tell you how many new-to-me brands i’ve discovered just by scrolling through my instagram feed. i recently came across this image and immediately fell smitten for these blush-colored shoes. turns out they are made by an australian brand, hobes, which ironically enough has been featured a few times on two of my favorite blogs (that i read regularly!) –here, here & here. apparently i just wasn’t paying good enough attention 😉 everyone seems to hail them as the perfect travel shoes (they are easily stowed away in a carry-on) that i just might snag them for the honeymoon (these immediately caught my eye!). they’d be the perfect airport sneaker, especially when paired with a cozy sweater and wide-leg jeans for a long flight.


mango || while i certainly love the fruit (dried mango especially), i’m actually referring to the international clothing brand. having never shopped there before (and only popping into the store once when in australia), i made my first mango purchase this week almost immediately after spotting this dress on this gorgeous brit’s instagram. fingers crossed it looks just as good on me as it does on her. if not, thankfully mango has a fair return policy. considering how quickly items sell out once their modeled on bloggers with large social media followings (ruerodier has over 100k followers!), i literally went straight to the checkout page before i could properly peruse the rest of the site. i have since gone back to look through mango’s latest spring collection and there are multiple pieces that are right up my alley (just look at the abundance of ruffley things!) at reasonable price points, too! have you ever shopped at mango? i think i may add it into my rotation of places i online window shop on a regular basis. i can only hope to find more gems like this blue linen maxi dress in the future. here’s a peek of my favorite finds:


favorite outfits from the week include: julia’s lemon print dress and casual linen look, jen’s striped maxi dress, and liz’s spring layers (all of which happen to be all madewell pieces, swoon).


a sneak peek of what’s coming next week:

adventures with shawna leeann -exploring la jolla, ca (for real this time, weather permitting!)

perfect midi dresses for summer occasions

the lace-up leggings guaranteed to make your workout more fun bearable


three things i’m looking forward to this weekend:

a facial (my skin is in need of some TLC!)

exploring la jolla with my husband (finally!)

celebrating our mommas!


and in case you missed it, here’s what appeared on the blog this week:

fitting room fables || abercrombie & fitch spring 2017

an eye for eyelet


happy mother’s day to all of the mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and mother’s to be. y’all are unicorns and deserve to be pampered all day.

see you next week!


imagae credit: studio castillero

  • Mom
    May 12, 2017

    Thank you ❤️❤️.

  • Aunt Teresa
    May 21, 2017

    Your herald to your ‘moms’ made me cry. And yes, your mom is truly a wonderful woman (and wife to my brother).
    Few shoes take my breath away but the Hobes Boat shoes did… both of the ones you mentioned are gorgeous.
    I’d never heard of Mango (clothing brand) so I visited their site. The ‘outlet’ section caught my eye… they have quite a variety of colors and styles. It was a fun experience while sitting at my computer. Thanks for sharing.

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