three shoe styles i’m packing for my honeymoon

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as a recovered over-packer, i’ve learned that less is more when it comes to planning your travel wardrobe. and no where does that apply more than with footwear. on any given week, i probably wear three pairs of shoes. two different pairs of heels to work and sandals/flats for the weekend. so why all of a sudden when i’m packing for a trip do i think i need to bring every lace-up shoe i own?

so in thinking about the outfits i’ll be putting together (full packing post to come!) as well as the activities we hope to do once we’ve reached our destination, i realized i could get by with just three pairs of shoes (plus a pair of running shoes for a trip to these gorgeous waterfalls)! not only will paring down my footwear leave more room for clothes, it will also ensure that we save a little space for any souvenirs we buy while we’re there.

below are the three styles i’m packing:

leather sneakers || S got me these hobes cuties for my birthday and they are legitimately like butter for your feet (not that i’ve worn butter on my feet, but you get what i mean). the leather is soft and silky and forms perfectly around the shape of your foot so much so that they feel more like ballet slippers than sneakers. given how much walking we’re bound to do over the course of our 12-day trip, these will definitely come in handy. i plan on pairing them with joggers and a cozy sweater for the plane and with sundresses/jumpsuits once we arrive. p.s. these sneakers come in a variety of colors and also in suede.

slide sandals || growing up in san diego, there were months when my foot never saw in the inside of a shoe. flip flops, forever, guys. in high school i lived in reefs, college, it was rainbows, and now, as i’ve entered my 30’s, i’ve graduated to a more grown-up version of a slide sandal. while these carrie forbes straw slides were a gift, for how well they go with everything in my wardrobe, i probably would have bought them anyway -or at least some version of them. i love lace-ups (as evidenced by my third shoe option) but it’s also nice to have a light-weight shoe that’s easy to slide on and off (take for instance if we decide to go shopping or when we go to the siberia spa). i have a bet these sandals will be my most worn shoe while we’re there.

lace-up espadrilles || if there was ever a shoe that screamed “summer vacation,” it would be these striped lace-up espadrilles. not only does their classic black and white striped print go with everything i plan on bringing, their cushioned sole makes them comfortable enough to wear all day. i plan on wearing them with my denim dress, white denim shorts, and one of my many pairs of wide-leg cropped pants. they also give me all the #frenchgirl vibes and that’s a look i’ll be going for considering that quebec city’s primary language is french.


noticeably absent from the list are heels and i’ll tell you why. while i’m very tempted to bring a second pair of espardrilles (a wedge version), i’m also well-aware of the fact that quebec city is covered in cobblestone streets. albethey charming, cobblestones can be tough to navigate in general, let alone in a high heel. additionally, i feel like all three of the above styles of footwear can be “dressed up” if need be.


as promised, a full post with everything i’m packing and sample outfits i plan on wearing on the trip will be up soon!


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  • Aunt Teresa
    June 27, 2017

    All your selections seem perfect… and I love each of them. Although I think the straw sandals are just about the cutest I’ve seen, my favorite of the shoes you’re packing are the Hobes leather sneakers… I’m jealous. It’s fun to see what you’re going to pack. It’ll be even more fun to see you wearing them in the tons of photos we’re anxious to see. Love to the Mr and Mrs!

    • snadelman
      June 27, 2017

      Thank you! Our guest bed is currently covered in all of my outfits for the trip, hoping to get a full packing post up soon! xo

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