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in an interest of diversifying some of the content i share with you in this little space, i thought it might be fun to switch gears from fashion to food!

as i mentioned in friday’s post, i am ALL about kelly leveque and her fab four philosophy. so i’ve decided to kick off this week with a few of her recipes! in order to set myself up for success, i decided to do an overhaul of the fridge/pantry, so of course i turned to my favorite store –trader joe’s. here are some of the things i picked up at this weekend and what i plan on making with them:

zoodles (i know i could easily make my own but the lazy girl in me is thrilled to not have to; i plan on pairing these with some tomato sauce and grilled shrimp)

unsalted almond butter (i plan on putting this in my morning smoothies and maybe eating a spoonful straight from the jar)

coconut oil (for making freezer fudge and for sauteeing shrimp, veggies & cauliflower rice)

coconut cream (for this recipe)

frozen cauliflower rice (word to the wise -the frozen version > the fresh version, great substitute for regular rice)

spinach (for salads and smoothies!)

kale, spinach & brussels pre-made salad blend (throw some protein on top and add an avocado and lunch is served)

beets (for one flavor of hummus in this trio)

ground flax (excellent source of fiber for smoothies)

frozen shrimp (frozen seafood is a lot less expensive than fresh and keeps longer, too! i plan on grilling up a huge batch marinated in taco seasoning at the beginning of the week to throw on top of zoodles, cauliflower rice, and salads)

salmon (i don’t eat salmon that often but i’m trying to find better non-meat/non-soy protein sources so i’m trying to up my fish game. salmon is also a great source of healthy fat and omega-3s. i plan on having S grill a few pieces and having it on hand for salads)

unsweetened vanilla almond milk (as a liquid for my smoothies, love the trader joe’s brand found in the fridge section)

chickpeas (for homemade hummus! i plan on making this trio and enjoying it with crudites and gluten-free crackers)

cacao powder (for freezer fudge!)


here are the recipes i plan on recreating this week:

freezer fudge

coconut cauliflower rice with [shrimp] & broccoli

zoodles with steamed broccoli, avocado & shrimp

vanilla almond butter smoothie (with spinach & flax)


in all honesty, S and i usually split our grocery list between tj’s and sprouts. there are simply just certain items that are specific to each store. we tend to buy our produce at sprouts since it’s a lot less expensive and the store is great about carrying specialty gluten-free items for yours truly. the items we picked up at sprouts were:

coconut aminos (perfect alternative to soy sauce, i also love tamari)

flax crackers (jillz & mary’s gone crackers are great gfree options)

avocados (lots! good for you fats for salads, smoothies, and avocado toast)

broccoli + brussels sprouts (for steaming/roasting for weeknight dinners)

bag of lemons (for homemade dressing and marinating fish)

vanilla creme flavored liquid stevia (to sweeten the freezer fudge & smoothies)

  • Mom
    January 29, 2018

    I hope you share how the recipes turn out! They sound delish. Happy cooking.‍

    • srivera
      January 29, 2018

      I plan on sharing a few (the ones that were hits, at least!).


  • Aunt Teresa
    January 29, 2018

    All of the recipes you chose sound delish… I’m with your mom. Keep all of us updated.

    • srivera
      January 29, 2018

      Hopefully they taste as good in real life as they sound on paper! I’ll be sure to keep you updated. xoxo

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