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i don’t know about you, but sundays are usually errand/chore day at the rivera household. that usually means meal prepping for the week ahead, watering plants, and doing a load (or two) of laundry. this past weekend as i was throwing our darks into the washer, i realized that most weeks, the only reason i have to do laundry is because a) i’m running low on undergarments and b) i’m out of workout clothes!

i used to think spending money on workout clothes was silly since they weren’t really “clothes” in the traditional sense. at the time, i would have rather bought a new top for work than spend money on a sports bra or pair of leggings. fast forward a few years and with the amount of time i spend working out and/or teaching studio barre classes, i’ve come to realize how useful having a full drawer of cute athletic wear really is -if only for the fact that having more pieces would delay having me to do laundry as frequently as we do.

so as i look to spruce/bulk up my workout wear wardrobe this spring and into summer as well, here are the pieces i’m currently eyeing (by category):



currently obsessed with this knotted version (in both the green & pink), this cropped top (perfect for wearing with high-waisted leggings), and this mesh style (breathable in the heat). i’ve linked a few more options below:

sports bras

as a member of the small-chested club, sports bras are less about performance and more about vanity/modesty for me. therefore, the ones i’ve gathered may not be for larger-chested ladies. just wanted to clarify ;). my favorite place to snag a good sports bra is aerie since they’re extremely comfortable and under $30 a piece. here are a few other viable options:


in all honesty, my leggings collection is the area that could use the most work. i think i’ve been too busy buying all the high-waisted cropped pants to notice, ha. speaking of high-waisted, i’ve decided that the only style i want to include moving forward. because leggings that cinch you in in all the right places are the only ones worth wear? these are probably my favorite pair right now, so i plan on getting them in a few different colors, but i’ve also got my eye on these sassy ones for summer.


depending on if it’s a chilly day or if i plan on running errands after my workout class, i always like to have a piece of outerwear (a pullover sweatshirt or cardigan) nearby to throw on at a moment’s notice. this is my go-to pullover (it comes in a bunch of colors!) but i’m looking for a few more versatile styles (like this and this) that will make a workout outfit look just as fashionable as it is functional.

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