my current skincare routine

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i feel like i should whisper this but you guys my skin is looking goal post hands emoji lately and i have an inkling as to why.


p.s. this is not an ad or some round about way for me to push a product on you. i am simply sharing my personal experience with the products and the positive response my skin has had thus far. 

ANYWAY, for someone who has struggled with her skin almost her entire life and who has tried nearly every product in the book (including taking prescription medication), the fact that i’ve finally found a routine that is not only effective but also non-toxic has been a godsend. so in case you’re struggled with skin issues or are just looking for some new safer products to incorporate into your routine, i wanted to share what i’m currently using (and the order in which i’m applying them):


in the morning:

beautycounter cleansing balm || i received this as a free gift with a recent purchase but it has fast become a favorite. i’ve been using a cleansing oil to remove my makeup and a day’s worth of impurities for a while now so the transition to a balm has been seamless. in the morning, to wash off anything that may have crawled across my skin overnight (ew), i use about a pea-size amount of the balm and massage it into my skin to rehydrate my skin then wash it off with a damp washcloth.

primally pure everything spray || next comes this everything spray, which acts as a natural toner. with ingredients like witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil, it’s perfect for reducing inflammation and balancing skin’s pH levels. i spray about 3-4 pumps all over my face and then let my skin air dry as i apply their natural deodorant and peruse my closet for what to wear that day.

beautycounter brightening oil || this oil (along with the one i use at night) are what i believe to be the superheroes in my current skincare regimen. at nearly $70 a piece, they are an investment, but they last for months and as evidenced by the improvement of my skin’s texture and overall appearance, they are worth every single penny. a blend of seven natural oils (including rose, argan and vitamin e) as well as vitamin c, this citrus-scented oil penetrates to awaken my skin and gives me a healthy glow to kick-start my day. i use about 5 drops and rub it all over my skin before applying my moisturizer.

beautycounter countermatch adaptive moisture lotion || this is my newest beautycounter purchase and so far, so good. part of the countermatch set, this moisturizer helps skin adapt to the aggressors we encounter daily. bio-mimic technology harnesses the unique life-giving properties of plants to exactly match the structure of skin, giving it precisely what it needs. it feels a little tingly upon application but that just lets me know it’s working its magic!

elta md sunscreen || despite the fact that i wear a tinted moisturizer with built-in sunscreen (also by beautycounter, natch), i always always do myself a favor and slather on another protective coat of spf. because you can never have enough defense against uv rays. i’ve been using this brand for nearly a decade and can’t recommend it enough. it’s thick yet doesn’t feel heavy and you can snag it on amazon for about $30.


at night:

i use a few of the products in both my morning and evening routines, so some of this is repetitive 😉

one love organics vitamin b enzyme cleansing oil + makeup remover || i was turned onto this cleansing oil and makeup remover from the makeup artist who made me pretty for my wedding. since i wear waterproof mascara daily, i use it to soften my eye makeup before finishing off with a cleansing toilette. i find the soothing properties of the vitamin b enzymes also prep my skin for the rest of my routine and help combat the stresses of a long day + workout.

neutrogena makeup cleansing toilettes || i used to use vaseline to remove my eye makeup but then someone made a comment that all of the extra petroleum was probably building up behind my eyeballs and it scared me so i quickly switched up my tactics. now i remove a majority of the makeup with the aforementioned product and use a toilette to remove any last stubborn bits. i’m OCD about getting my eyelashes completely clean before jumping into the shower, there’s just something about removing any remnants of my day that makes me feel happy.

beautycounter cleansing balm || i treat myself to a second helping of the cleansing balm to remove any lingering bits of tinted moisturizer or bronzer.

primally pure cleansing oil || before discovering beautycounter’s cleansing balm, i used this cleansing oil for oily skin as my cleanser of choice. i still have quite a bit leftover so i’ve  been “double cleansing” at night, starting with the balm and finishing with the oil which i massage into my face and then let sit and steam during my shower. i wipe the excess off with a damp washcloth.

primally pure everything spray || after getting out of the shower, i spray a few pumps of the everything spray again and let it air dry as i towel off.

beautycounter balancing oil || just like the brightening oil i use to start my day, beautycounter has a balancing oil to help wind down. just as the name implies, this oil specifically targets skin clarity (which hello i’m always looking chasing). with ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil, wile chamomile, and ylang ylang, this oil is meant to soothe, calm, and balance skin. and i truly believe that it has!

beautycounter countermatch adaptive moisture lotion || another pump of the adaptive moisture lotion gets slathered on my face and neck before retiring for the evening. i let it work its magic overnight and hope that when i wake up, i have j.lo skin.

rodan + fields lash boost || this last item isn’t really skincare per se, but i’m still repping a swipe of rodan + fields lash boost every night to achieve that luxurious lashline. it really works, guys!


all this and i’m certainly doing my part to stay hydrated by drinking at least 80 ounces of water a day. let me know if you have any questions!


i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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