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two fitting room fables posts in one week?! this is what happens when you finally have time to shop! today’s FRF is very special because it involves two of my favorites -my bestie, natalie, and our favorite store, madewell.

nat and i met on tuesday morning to try-on a few pieces from madewell’s fall line. second to spending time with a dear friend, the thing i enjoyed the most about our visit was seeing the items that each of us chose to try-on. while we own many of the same pieces, i’d say natalie’s and my styles are pretty different. and accordingly, things that look good on me aren’t necessarily the most flattering on her and vice versa! just goes to show you that style is so personal. ANYWAY, we had a blast and i hope we can find time to do it again! if you want to see natalie’s try-on session, she saved it on her IGTV channel and in her instagram story highlights. she also linked all of her outfits on her profile so you can shop them easily.

below are the items i tried on, their sizing and styling recommendations, and of course, the pieces that eventually came home with me.



eyelet mockneck ruffle top (small) || so full disclosure, this eyelet top was the kind of the catalyst for the visit to madewell. i spotted it in the crop of new arrivals and instantly fell in love with its feminine details and almost victorian vibe. as expected (feared? for my wallet, at least!), it was just as lovely in person as it appeared online. the true test was of course was seeing how it looked layered my black overalls (which i wore to the store that day). as evidenced by the photo above, it passed the test with flying colors. despite the fact that it’s an eyelet fabric (which is typical reserved for spring/summer), i think this top will be perfect to transition into the fall. for extra warmth, you can always layer a light camisole underneath. i’ll definitely be wearing it with my overalls and wide-leg cropped jeans and pants, but it would also be adorable tucked into a pencil or a-line skirt for a dressier occasion (or for the office). personally, i don’t think one can ever have too many white feminine blouses. they can be remixed a million different ways. in all honesty, this top is more ivory than true white, but i think the muted tone pairs better with richer tones for fall/winter. it also comes in black if that’s more your speed.

size verdict: true to size.



wide-leg cropped jeans in finney wash (25) || oh wide-leg cropped denim, how i love thee. i feel like every season madewell comes out with a new wash of their signature wide-leg cropped jeans and i have to do my best to refrain from adding them to my closet. because how many pairs of cropped denim can one own? spoiler altert: the limit does not exist. i already have a very similar pair from a couple years ago so i didn’t take these home with me (although i did put them on hold and think long and hard about it), but if you’re looking for a good versatile pair in a classic wash (love the limited whiskering), these are a great option. i will say that madewell denim in general tends to run big/stretch out overtime, so i’d probably size down to compensate. i tried on both the 26 and the 25 and after taking them on and off a few times, i already noticed the waistband loosening up a bit.

size verdict: run big, size down one size.



emmett wide-leg crop pants in stripe button-front edition (26) || so apparently not all wide-leg cropped pants are created equal. despite loving the way the emmett style fit in the solid colors, these were a big miss for me. i’m not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the fit around the waistband is pretty unflattering. at least it was on me. the salesgirl (shout out to sally!) was wearing them and they looked super cute on her, but on me, not so much. it’s funny because i had been eyeing these pants for a few months now but they were never stocked in my size when i’d visit the store. so i’m happy i finally got to try them on despite the fact that they turned out to be less than amazing. this further proves that visiting a store to try-on pieces in person can be really helpful. it can also save you a lot of money 😉

size verdict: true to size.



denim seamed button-down shirt (small) || i keep trying to make collared shirts happen for me, but you know what? i think i need to just cut my losses. after some reflection, i think the reason i have such a complex with collared shirts is the fact that i wore a uniform from 6th-12th grade. we were required to wear a collared polo shirt every day (with the exception of our cheer uniform that we got to wear on fridays) and despite the fact that i had a very lovely high school experience, i think i still equate the shirt style with that time of my life. weird how memories can do that to you. anyway, not to get all nostalgic on you, but as far as denim tops go, i feel like there are a lot cuter options out there right now. for one, this henley style from loft is really cute as is this flutter-sleeve option from j.crew. if you’re looking for a more classic style, this one from abercrombie looks like a winner, too (i actually just ordered it to replace my old chambray).

size verdict: true to size.

emmett wide-leg crop pants in british surplus (26) || so we all know i currently own FIVE pairs of everlane wide-leg cropped pants. if i didn’t already have very similar versions of this muted green pant and the rust color (pictured below), i would definitely consider snagging both pairs. come to think of it, perhaps i should do a future splurge vs. steal post pinning the madewell cropped pant against everlane’s version. truth be told there’s only a $20 differential between the two (madewell $88/everlane $68), but still, enough for pause. unlike the striped version, these pants fit really well. they actually run a little big, i tried on the 26 but there was quite a bit of extra room in the waist and i know from experience that these pants tend to stretch out with continuous wear. so size down for sure! as far as styling goes, i am obsessed with these warm tones for fall. as you can see, they look great with chambray and below, with a bright print, too (choose one of the colors in the print to accentuate). i tend to style them the same way i do with my wide-leg cropped denim -often tucking in my blouse to show off the high-waistline.

size verdict: size down one size, these tend to run a little big and stretch out with wear.

remi bow mule (9.5) || oh these shoes. i almost didn’t want to try them on because i knew the minute i did, i would fall in love with them. and i was absolutely right in my assumptions. they are gorgeous and the bow detail is everything. they are feminine and flirty and you know what? why on earth did i not buy them?! i’m putting them on my wishlist right now and perhaps after my next barre paycheck i will treat myself. because friends, these mules would be the perfect exclamation point on any outfit this fall. they’re suede and come in three rich colors -including spiced olive (as worn), maple syrup (an orangey brown -also what a great name for a color!) and pinot noir (a rich burgundy). i’d wear them with everything from denim to dresses. they fit true to size and shouldn’t stretch out like some of the leather mules in madewell’s collection.

size verdict: true to size.



madewell x karen walker silk floral gennaker top (xs) || after the first top i tried from the madewell x karen walker collaboration proved to be a big miss, i was hesitant to try on anything else from the capsule collection. however, i was so drawn by this bright mustard print that i opted for a sophomoric attempt anyway. this time, the top was a big win. the fit is blousy without being too oversized and the silk felt luxe on my body. i opted to pair the top with the burnt sienna color of the emmett wide-leg crop pants and the spice olive bow mules and was really pleased with how nicely all of the colors jived together. sally (our salesgirl) said i looked like a cornucopia and i happily took that as a compliment. this is the kind of outfit i’d wear to thanksgiving or another fall-themed event. again, i can’t stress enough how much i love this warm palette, in fact, i think it suits my skin color best. while i couldn’t justify snagging the blouse (it’s definitely more of an investment), i was happy i tried it on if only to affirm my love for mustard and to catalog this outfit as one of my favorites i’ve ever created. p.s. the print also comes as pants and in a dress.

size verdict: fits blousy, stay true to size or consider sizing down.

emmett wide-leg crop pants in burnt sienna (26) || see above for description.

madewell x biltmore wool beret (one size) || so berets had a moment last fall/winter and i’m kind of excited they’re back again this year. they were just unboxing them as natalie and i were heading into our respective dressing rooms so sally brought me one to try on. modeling this mustard-color felt chapeau reminded me that i already have a beret at home that i had forgotten all about. i bought a grey beret at anthropologie last year and unfortunately only wore it a couple times (you may remember it from this post) before it got buried in the back of my closet. i’m always quick to reach for a wide-brimmed hat first when it comes to head wear, but trying-on this beret has inspired me to restyle mine for the fall season. besides mustard, the beret also comes in navy and a charming blush pink. all three would be the perfect pop of color to add to your fall wardrobe and of course, make you feel like the quintessential french girl! oui oui!

size verdict: it’s one size but i will say that i have a big head/a lot of hair and it fit me just fine!



rhyme top in garden party (xs) || after wearing this top all summer, i have a newfound appreciation for prints. as soon as natalie and i spotted this navy floral blouse in the store, we both made a beeline for it. as i mentioned above, our styles are pretty different, but every so often, we both fall in love with the same piece! there was only one extra small in the store so we took turns trying it on and after styling it with a couple different pieces (i opted to pair it wit the wide-leg denim and under my overalls, natch (not pictured)), i was convinced that it would be a great addition to my fall wardrobe. in addition to denim, i will also pair it with my everlane wide-leg cropped pants (particularly the bone, ochre, and surplus pairs) and maybe even front-tucked into my dressier wide-leg black pants as well. it fits a little on the boxy side but thankfully it’s still kind to my long torso. i’d definitely recommend pairing it with a high-waisted bottom just in case. the print also comes as a mini dress, a midi dress, a skirt, a jumpsuit, and a wrap top, so you can choose which silhouette suits you best!

size verdict: stay true to size or size down. i’m usually between an extra small and small and madewell and tend to err toward the former when it comes to boxier blouses.

wide-leg cropped jeans in finney wash (25) || see above for description.

remi bow mule (9.5) || see above for description.


a couple final notes —

  • i ultimately went home with the mockneck eyelet ruffle top, the rhyme top in garden party, and the same skinny overalls in a blue denim wash (they weren’t at the store so i ordered them to be shipped to the house and will share my thoughts when i get them!).
  • yesterday i went back to the store and ordered these button-fly wide leg crop jeans in the lunar wash since my old pair of black wide-leg cropped denim doesn’t fit anymore. i point this out to remind you of madewell’s denim recycling program. if you bring any pair of denim (they don’t have to be madewell brand) to the store to donate, madewell will give you $20 off the purchase of a new pair. i brought in four pairs to recycle and though i was only able to use one $20 voucher off the pair of wide-leg jeans, i was given three additional $20 vouchers for future use. and the best news is -they don’t expire! anyway, just something to consider as you might be taking inventory of your denim collection as we head into fall/winter.
  • finally, i wanted to point out the details of the outfit i wore to the store. it was ironically about 90% madewell. i layered this tee (size up one size for a relaxed fit) under my black skinny overalls and my leopard flats. the flats are old j.crew factory, but madewell has similar ones in a mule silhouette.


you can easily shop the photos by following the links but i’ve also added all of the outfits to my profile as well. if you want to see the outfits in action, they are also up on my instagram stories and i’ll save them under the “shopping” highlight tab.

thanks again to my girl, natalie, for such a fun day! we will definitely plan on doing it again.


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