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as i mentioned in friday’s post, the time has come for me to get corrective glasses for my astigmatism. while some may be sad about this latest development, i couldn’t be more excited! as soon as i left the optometrist last week, i jumped on warby parker’s website and immediately ordered five frames to sample using their easy home try-on service. they arrived on sunday and i wasted no time trying each on for size. below are the five frames i tried and my personal thoughts on each style:



casey in melon || i’ve seen so many light-colored frames that i wanted to try a pair for myself. turns out the peach color is a little too close to my actual skin tone to look flattering on my face. on a positive note, i did like the slight cat-eye silhouette and of the five frames, this was my husband’s favorite!



finch in violet magnolia || the tortoise shell is much more complimentary on my fair skin if i do say so myself. however the color of the frames is about the only thing i like about this particular style. i think i prefer a larger silhouette and these are a bit too rectangular for my liking. ironically, this was one of the styles that a majority of my instagram followers preferred! maybe they’re seeing something i’m not?



baker in striped sassafras || these were by far my favorite style of the five -there’s something about the more circular frame that feels classic yet modern. i also feel quite studious!



chamberlain in mission clay fade || as i mentioned in my instagram stories, i had high hopes for the chamberlains since three of my girlfriends have the same frames in the clear color (they all look adorable in them, i might add). however, given my square face shape, the angular silhouette was ultimately a miss for me. and while i was intrigued by the two-tone frame, similar to the casey style, the bottom-half of the glasses were nearly the same color as my skin, making the glasses almost disappear into my face.



laurel in tea rose fade || if there was a runner-up for my favorite style (after the baker), the laurel would claim the prize. aside from the faded color (see my reasoning above), i loved the oversized frames. i would be interested in trying them on again in a different color to see if that would better help me make my final decision.


speaking of final decision, despite the fact that i loved the baker, i’m still not 100% convinced that it’s “my” frame. for that reason, i’m headed to the warby parker storefront at my local mall today for further assistance (conveniently enough one of their few california locations isn’t too far away). if you know me, you know that sometimes it takes me a hot minute to make a decision on something –especially if that something is a pair of glasses i’ll be wearing nearly everyday. SO, the verdict is still out on my final decision. if you’re interested in seeing this decision to fruition, follow me on instagram 🙂 given the fact that i need these glasses to see properly, i have to make a final choice today! so stay tuned…

p.s. if you’re interested in trying warby parker’s home try-on for yourself, i highly recommend you do! the whole process couldn’t have been easier -just log-on to the website, select five frames, add in your shipping information, and voila, the frames will be at your door in just a few business days! they even provide a shipping label in the box so when you’re done with your try-on, all you have to do is adhere it and pop it right back in the mail. easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


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