let’s talk bras

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before we begin, i just have to share this skit from last saturday’s SNL because it had me LOLing. go watch it and come back. i’ll wait…

welcome back.

anyway, i didn’t see myself talking extensively about bras in this space but if there’s anything that i’ve come to appreciate even more during pregnancy, postpartum, and now post-weaning, it’s a damn good bra! so let’s get into it!

before we can go forward, we must remind ourselves where we’ve been. and where i’ve been for the last year is with my chichis stuck in a pump multiple times a day. pumping for twins was truly a full time job, one i am very proud to have on my resume. HOWEVER my ladies were out of control in terms of size/shape/consistency (hard as rocks) and i was essentially tethered to a sports bra morning, noon, and night to keep them corralled. once i decided i was in it for the long haul, i treated myself to this sports bra in every color (seriously, i ordered them all). since weaning in mid-april, the girls are essentially back to their pre-pregnancy state (see also: tiny), therefore mama needed a little bra refresh. thankfully i’ve landed on a few styles that i LOVE and feel as though you should know about, too.

so with all of that said, i give you my four favorite bras!*

*i believe i am now a 32A so i will say these bras are more geared to those who also hold membership in the itty bitty titty committee. thank you.

gap live-in pretty bralette (i wear an XS) -pre-pregnancy, my bra collection was exclusively from gap. somewhere over the past decade i discovered their gapbody line had some pretty great options for smaller chested gals and honestly i never looked back. it was right around then that i also gave up on all things underwire because life is too short to have wires cutting into your ribcage in the name of higher, perkier, breasts. let the girls live, honey. ANYWHO, during one of my yearly bra refreshes, i stumbled upon this bralette and decided to try it out based on its over 500 fairly positive reviews. while it could be improved in a few ways (it isn’t lined so if you get cold, you’re on display if you know what i mean), overall it is an extremely comfortable bra. the plunging neckline is also very handy when pairing it under low-cut tops and dresses. i’ve had it for years and it has held up well! i’m thrilled to be able to wear it again.

neiwai pure comfort soft modal triangle bra (purchased a small in ecru based on the site’s size chart) -as i mentioned above, i’ve been a loyal gapbody shopper for some time so it takes a lot for me to consider another brand, especially one i’ve never heard of. but shannon of itsy bitsy indulgences spoke so highly of her neiwai bra (and even offered a promo code for 10% off) that i decided to venture outside of my bra box in the name of finding another winner to add into my daily rotation. i was immediately impressed as soon as i took it out of its beautiful packaging -the fabric is super soft, the band has a lot of stretch, and it is lined without being too padded. there was zero gapping between the bra and the girls (something i often experience being a small-chested lady) and the triangle shape ensures i can also wear it under lower-cut blouses and dresses. it also comes in a ton of colors if nude isn’t your thing (i’m pretty boring when it comes to my brassiere collection). if you need assistance with determining your size, the website has a helpful chart that breaks it all down for you!

neiwai 2021 barely zero your size is the size spaghetti strap wireless bra (miraculously this thing is one size fits all! i ordered the treacly almond) -originally when perusing neiwai’s website, i had no intention of ordering more than the aforementioned bra, but when i came across this seamless one-size-fits-all wonder, i was too curious to not try it out for myself. GUYS, this bra is so comfortable, you literally forget you’re wearing it. it’s made from a combination of cloudfit nylon and spandex and feels like a dream on your skin. i love the fact that it’s seamless to wear under tighter-fitting tops and that the cups are indeed lined. it fits more like a bralette since it doesn’t have a clasp (so you just slip it over your head), but again, that only adds to its comfort. through some sort of wizardry, it is intended to fit sizes A-DD cups and band sizes 31.5″-40″. run, don’t walk and get yourself this bra.

nippies women’s adhesive nippies skin covers (wearing a small, purchased on amazon) -okay all credit for finding these goes to one of my instagram crushes of late – krista lavrusik. i saw her rave about them and ordered them on the spot. amazon makes it scary easy, guys. after years of battling strapless bras, this seemed like the better option. conveniently enough we’ve been having a bit of a heat wave so i was able to try them out immediately after they arrived under both a tank top and my new smocked tie-shoulder dress. they stayed in place all day and even after washing them with mild soap and water and letting them air dry (per the suggestion on the package), they have remained just as sticky as the day i opened the box. for $25, they really can’t be beat!

i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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