cute or crazy: elastic waistband jeans

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this week the twins and i ventured to our favorite outdoor mall for what has become one of our –at least MY –favorite traditions. we get some fresh air, mommy checks out the latest arrivals, the twins eat about 478 puffs, and everyone leaves happy (most of the time). this outing saw a trip to madewell (duh) to try on a pair of denim i had spotted on our previous visit.

behold the pull-on relaxed jeans in bellview wash.

perhaps you’re thinking, is that an elastic waistband, i see? yes, yes it is. and you know what? said elastic waistband makes these jeans perhaps the most comfortable pair i’ve ever put on my body. maybe quarantine (or motherhood?) made me embrace a soft waistband a little too much but at this point in my life, i value comfort over almost everything else.

with this clouded judgement, i decided to ask my instagram friends their thoughts on pull-on denim. i was honestly shocked by how many of you voted for “cute” when posed the question –“cute” or “you’re crazy.” YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!

so now i’m torn! do i throw caution to the wind and treat myself to a pair of essentially 2021’s version of #jeggings or do i practice self-control and wait for a more flattering pair with a real button closure? if they go on sale, perhaps i’ll take that as a sign…

stay tuned!

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