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after seeing it all over instagram, i finally got my hands on some ilia beauty products. while i’ve used beautycounter makeup almost exclusively for a few years, i’ve been itching to branch out and sample other clean cosmetics. what i loved about ilia specifically was the fact that they are just as focused on protecting and revitalizing the skin itself as they are about the formulas they create to enhance it. skincare powered makeup? sign me up!

so in an effort to revamp my often underutilized makeup routine, i snagged four products to test out. below are my honest opinions. and spoiler alert —


before we get started, however –a small aside, if i may. initially i only received two of the four products in the mail, plus an additional product i did not in fact order. i expressed my disappointment in my instagram stories (tagging ilia in my posts) and followed up with a quick (and polite!) email to the customer service team explaining the situation. within a matter of just two hours, ilia not only reached out to me via instagram DM, they re-ordered the two missing products, sent me the confirmation email, and assured me that they had expedited the package so it would arrive the following week. a few days later i received another email from the customer service team informing me that they would be refunding my account for the missing items as an additional apology for the original error. i was completely blown away by the level of service i received. that, coupled with the quality of the products themselves, has 100% made me a future ilia beauty shopper.

super serum skin tint spf 40 (bom bom) || now that my skin has gotten under control thanks to my current averr aglow skincare regimen, i feel confident wearing minimal face makeup. i’ve always been a tinted moisturizer girl (over foundation), so the super serum skin tint was very appealing. i love that it comes infused with spf 40 as well (though i always wear sunscreen under my makeup anyway). first of all, it smells amazing. secondly, it isn’t too thick and applies smoothly with light coverage. it managed to even out my skin tone yet still let my freckles shine through. i currently use a combination of beautycounter’s dew skin (light) and tint skin (linen), but guys, i think i prefer ilia’s product more! the great thing is that ilia is sold at sephora so i was able to get color-matched in person as opposed to guessing which shade suited me best.

true skin serum concealer (SC1 -chicory) || i’ve been on the hunt for a great clean concealer for a while now and let’s just cut to the chase –i’ve finally found it in ilia’s true skin serum concealer. my two requirements for a concealer? be thick enough to cover up rogue breakouts without being too cakey for beneath my eyes. while i loved my RMS ‘un’ cover-up concealer for covering up bags (thanks, twins), it was far to sheer to cover up any redness from a little hormonal ‘friend.’ so i’m beyond thrilled that ilia’s version can pull double duty! instead of heading back into sephora, i was able to chat online with an ilia consultant to find my perfect shade. she was able to determine that chicory was right for me based on the super serum skin tint i elected. and i can attest she chose correctly! everything blended perfectly together to create a natural-looking base.

ilia limitless lash mascara (black) || so i’ve literally used l’oreal voluminous waterproof mascara in carbon black since i was in HIGH SCHOOL. i have tried dozens of alternatives, but nothing has yet to wow me like my old standby. but in an effort to find a cleaner alternative (and maybe lay off the waterproof as it is a pain to get off every night), i threw ilia’s version in my cart to see if it lived up to the hype. i cannot believe i’m typing this, but i think i’ve found my mascara replacement. first of all, my eyes no longer get irritated at the end of the day (what a difference a clean formula makes!), it was a BREEZE to remove, and the wand is specifically designed to get into the nooks and crannies of my lash line to create full, limitless lashes. coupled with my longer lashes thanks to rodan & fields lash boost, my lashes looked out of control the first time i wore my new mascara (see photo below). i’ll be on the hunt to replace my lash primer as well, but in the meantime, i use l’oreal’s voluminous lash conditioning primer mascara.

lipstick color block lipstick (rosette) || look, i’m a sucker for a nudey pink, and now that we’re no longer wearing masks 24/7, i’m ready to get some color back on these lips! i am currently cleaning out my lipstick collection so i thought i’d try one of ilia’s color block shades. while my dear friend recommended rosewood, i ultimately went with the rosette shade since it seems like a little more my speed for everyday wear. application was smooth and the lipstick had staying power, lasting almost all the way through dinner. for a bolder look, i think i’ll try out knockout in my next order!

safe to say i’m ilia’s newest biggest fan. though a bit trivial, i was honestly a bit nervous to try new products on my sensitive skin. but after seeing the results, i’m so happy i decided to venture out! in addition to this post, i also created a ‘get ready with me’ video featuring the aforementioned products (as well as a few other products that i’ll list below) before we headed out to our recent date night. it’ll be up on my IGTV at noon PDT tomorrow (monday, july 12th). i spent a lot of time on it, so hopefully you find it fun and helpful!

oh and here’s the final look (#nofilter)!*

*in addition to the ilia products listed above, i also used beautycounter’s iluminating cream highlighter in pearl glow, beautycounter’s color pinch cream blusher in hibiscus, and glossier brow flick + boy brow in brown.

i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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