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february might as well be the month in which all of my money went to h&m. some of it came back by way of returns, but overall, it’s safe to say i kept their lights on for another 30 days with the amount of pieces that were sent my way. of course i ordered things from other stores, too. so here’s the lowdown of how everything shook out:

the homeruns

zara z1975 cropped wide leg buttoned jeans (26) || after seeing these jeans on natalie and conni, i ordered myself a pair immediately. i loved the button-detailing and the sailor-yet-french-girl vibe they conveyed. sizing with zara can be tricky but i gambled and ordered my regular size and found them to fit perfectly. they do fit higher on the waist but have ample stretch so as to not feel completely sausaged in. i am finding that i am naturally drawn to a more distressed style these days so the zara jeans feel a bit dressier with their true blue wash and classic design. i’m actually wearing them in the photo above.

zara ruffled shoulder top (small) || in complete transparency, i threw this top in my online cart along with the aforementioned denim in order to reach the free shipping limit. it is adorable but even after one wash on cold and line-drying it, i can already tell it has shrunk in the length. being long-torsoed, i have a feeling this top’s days are numbered in my wardrobe, but until i donate it, i will continue to wear it happily with anything and everything high-waisted. it also comes in black!

madewell court sneaker in white leather (9.5) || i dedicated an entire post to these babies, so you can read more about them here. but basically they’re my new favorite everyday sneakers, fit true to size, and go with pretty much everything.

calpak luka belt bag (purchased in dove grey) || after venturing to the park and beach with the twins with my giant tote in tow and not wanting to leave said bag in the jogger while wrangling the babies for fear of it being stolen, i decided the time had come to invest in a fanny pack. yes, i’m a mom and it’s time my purse reflect that. SO after polling my instagram followers, i first considered the lululemon belt bag, but then i saw a fellow mom compare the lulu bag to this one and i instantly knew the latter would suit be better. not only does it fit two diapers, a small package of wipes, a pouch, and my phone, it also has a hidden zipper to secure my vaulables -driver’s license, credit card, and key fob. second to its size, perhaps its best attribute is the fact that it is a wipeable fabric (music to this mom’s ears).

h&m ma cherie paris sweatshirt (small) || to be honest, french isn’t my favorite language (it’s spanish, obvi -i was a spanish major), but i found this sweatshirt so charming when i spotted it on h&m’s website. i’m a bit of a sweatshirt hoarder these days but i find them to be so versatile for my current stage of life. i wear them to bed, with jeans, over leggings, dressed up, dressed down. this one was a steal at under $20 and fits true to size (with wiggle room).

the misses

h&m lace-trimmed tank top (small –purchased in white & black) || one of my favorite instagram accounts shares the MOST adorable h&m pieces and as soon as she shared these tanks, i threw them in my online cart immediately. truth be told, i owned VERY similar tanks when i was in high school so it felt both cringey yet nostalgic to introduce them back into my life. once they arrived and i had a chance to try them on, i concluded that while i miss a few things about my teenage years, the fashion certainly isn’t one of them. albeit on the thinner side, i found the tank to be well-made, fit true to size, and plenty long to be tucked into a pair of jeans, pants, or skirt.

j.crew x new balance 996 sneakers in suede (sized up 1 whole size -10.5) || so sometimes i see a product on one of my style crushes and convince myself that i need it, too. occasionally said piece really does in fact reflect my current personal style. other times, such as this case, the article of clothing is a bit out of my comfort zone. now i will say, sometimes it’s fun to push yourself to try out trends that you wouldn’t normally consider for the fact that you may love it and adopt it into your repertoire (that’s how i discovered i loved white sneakers!), but even after styling the sneaks with a half dozen outfits, they still felt like a reach. i knew they’d just sit in my closet and never get worn for fear of looking/feeling like an imposter.

h&m jersey striped pajamas (xs) || as i’ve mentioned time and time again, one can never have too much loungewear. this set looked adorable online (neutral stripes? sign me up!), but when it arrived, it lacked the quality i have come to expect in h&m’s pajamas. the set runs oversized so i was happy i sized down but the fabric is quite thin and i’m fearful that even with proper care, it wouldn’t hold up past a few rounds in the washing machine. i know this seems like a lot of careful thought for a pair of pajamas, but i’m really trying to run ALL purchases through the lens of “if i’m not completely obsessed with a purchase, it deserves no place in my wardrobe.” and i’m not obsessed so back it goes!

h&m ribbed pajamas (small) || full disclosure, these pajamas left very little to be desired. they were not only thin, but their head hole was better suited for one of the twins –see also very small. i don’t really have much more to say lol, they were big misses and back they went!

h&m waffled jersey pajamas (small) || guys i told you i have a thing for h&m pajamas (laugh-crying emoji). nevermind the fact that this waffled set looks very similar to two pairs i already own, i would have totally kept it if not for the one flaw in the design –bell sleeves! if i wasn’t a mom of twins under two who is constantly pushing up her sleeves to wash bottles or change diapers or [insert other mom duties here], i wouldn’t have minded the billowy arm style. BUT i can’t chance dragging my pristine sleeve through something icky after it has fallen down around my wrist for the 87th time. maybe i’m being too picky because other than the sleeves, the design is adorable, i loved the waffled fabric, the functional buttons (great for nursing) and the elastic waistband shorts. sometimes the practical side takes a backseat to my whimsical side but sadly this wasn’t one of those times.

h&m pajama top & shorts (sized down -xs) || these might be some of the softest pajamas i’ve tried from h&m (or most retailers for that matter). after reading the reviews i decided to size down to an xs and i’m glad i did, they fit perfectly. HOWEVER similar to the aforementioned set, they were without cuffed wristbands and therefore could not be pushed up for functionality. but gosh if you don’t have young babies and can rock the bell sleeves, i would highly recommend this cozy set, just make sure you consider adjusting your size! it saddened me to send ALL THREE pairs of pajamas back (well four if we count the striped set, too) but apparently february was just not the month for pjs. perhaps march will bring better luck!

banana republic safari jumpsuit (xs) || i’m pretty bummed this jumpsuit ended up in this category because after months of stalking it online and waiting for it to go on sale, when it finally did, i was convinced it was sartorial fate. HOWEVER as most jumpsuits tend to be on my long torsoed body, it was simply too shallow in the nether regions to justify keeping it. if you’re on the more petite side (as a reminder, i’m 5’7″) or have a more proportional torso-to-leg ratio, i’d say, please get this jumpsuit and wear it for the both of us. it’s unique (with the puff sleeves) and really well made (THICK!) and would be so cute dressed up or down and worn to multiple occasions. off the top of my head -paired with white sneaks for a casual mom-on-the-go look or with nude heels for a night out with girlfriends. as far as sizing goes -banana republic tends to run generously these days and based on the reviews i opted to size down.

z1975 loose fit straight jeans (26) || if there’s one thing that every spring/summer wardrobe needs -it’s a good pair of white (or in this case –ecru) denim. i was instantly drawn to the seemingly effortless fit of the straight-leg silhouette and of course, their perfect shade of cream. sometimes i feel like ecru feels a little more modern when it comes to light-colored denim? unfortunately when this pair arrived, the ecru felt more beige/taupe than off-white. aside from their unflattering shade, the fit was tighter than expected. i might suggest sizing up one size for a little more wiggle room. i sent these back and will continue to be on the hunt for a good pair of white denim for the upcoming seasons.

z1975 selvedge relaxed fit jeans (26) || do you notice a theme here? goodbye restricting denim styles, hello to letting my legs breathe, baby! S has a pair of selvedge denim that i love so i was excited to try these jeans for myself. of the three pairs i ordered, i will say these were my favorite for their relaxed style but i feared they might continue to stretch out with wear. what i can say is that this pair of jeans would be a GREAT option for those finding themselves a few weeks/months postpartum because they are roomy yet still flattering.

wide leg jeans (sized up -27) || i’ve seen these jeans on krista in many of her adorable style reels and finally took the plunge and ordered a pair for myself. a few things she always notes -size up! (seriously size up, they run real small), they’ll probably require hemming in length (they run super long! i’m 5’7″ and they ran past my feet), but they’re pretty darn flattering once you’ve got them on! she was right on all accounts. i will say with the proper footwear, they make your legs look a mile long. if i was not a mom and wore heels more regularly, i might have kept them for a rogue date night or when i was feeling fancy on a random tuesday. however, i ditched most of my heels and even if i had them hemmed to wear them with a flatter shoe, i just don’t think they’re the silhouette i want at this current juncture. basically i don’t know what to do with a full length jean! i need my ankles exposed! does that make me strange? maybe don’t answer that.

and what has yet to arrive

shockingly there are no packages currently in transit to me. i know, i know, look at that restraint. hardly. in fact, i’m contemplating snagging this in both colors since it recently came back in stock after selling out fast! anyway, thanks for reading! hope you had a great month.

i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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