cute sweatshirts you can wear out of the house

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  we all have one. that cozy, overworn, oversized, possibly stained (just being honest) sweatshirt. maybe it's a hoodie from our college alma mater, maybe you borrowed it (and never returned it) from a significant other, or maybe it was once new but has seen the inside of the washing machine more times than you can count and ...

exploring batiquitos lagoon

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  i'm not really one for making new year's resolutions but i do set aside a few moments at the beginning of january to reflect on some personal goals for the year ahead. one such goal for 2017 was to take more day trips on the weekends, or in the very least, to plan more activities that ...

building a barre wardrobe

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aside from being elated to join the studio barre family on principle (#dreamscomingtrue), one of the first things i thought about when i was officially accepted as a "barre tender" (how cute is that play on words?) was, "omg, this means i can get a whole new workout wardrobe!" because it's always, always about the ...

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