let’s talk bras

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before we begin, i just have to share this skit from last saturday's SNL because it had me LOLing. go watch it and come back. i'll wait... welcome back. anyway, i didn't see myself talking extensively about bras in this space but if there's anything that i've come to appreciate even more during pregnancy, postpartum, and ...

three great bras for small-chested gals

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  let's talk about the ladies for a minute. and by ladies, i mean boobs. yeah, i went there. a few weeks ago i posed the question to my instagram followers for a recommendation for a good strapless bra. apparently after years of advancements in bra technology, we still haven't quite mastered the realm of strapless undergarments ...

in search of loungewear

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  while i love playing dress up, the INSTANT i make it through the garage door after a long day, i'm in the shower, and straight into pajamas. which is why my loungewear wardrobe is just as -if notĀ moreĀ -important than my work/play/workout collections combined. what can i say, i just love my sweatpants! since i wear them ...

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