the kevin bacon game

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we've all heard of the kevin bacon game, better known as "six degrees of kevin bacon" -the concept that everyone in hollywood can be connected back to kevin bacon in less than six steps. i haven't tested it out myself, but i feel like i might be fairly good at the game given my embarrassingly ...

pulling a shawna

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if you know me, you know i'm awesome a creep. i mean, an endearing creep, but a creep nonetheless -more of a "i approach you to tell you that i love your cute outfit" and less of a " i watch you from an undisclosed location with my night vision goggles" creep. just so we're ...

takin’ a leap to up my creep

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so i must confess something. i was remiss in revealing an aspect of last weekend's sunday funday when i composed its overview here. you see, while yes, adventures in home decorating were made and gratuitous flowers were gifted, there was also a momentary case of creepiness demonstrated by yours truly. i'm not gonna lie, i check instagram ...

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