five essentials for productivity

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  staying productive, especially when there's always a slew of distractions vying for your attention (looking at you real housewives marathons, facebook timelines, and naps) can be tough. i'm guilty as anyone for falling down an instagram rabbit hole and emerging hours later only to find that the post i had planned on writing, or the load of laundry i ...

the beauty of plan b

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though my life is pretty much run by a strict schedule (and i like it like that), there are things i simply can't account for: the occasional traffic delay that hinders me from making it to my daily pure barre workout, the inclement weather forecast that makes driving north for the weekend an unsafe endeavor, or ...


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saturdays have always been filled with routines: softball practices. football games. sorority events and for a time, even workdays. monotony. but the good kind of monotony -the kind that makes you look forward to the end of the week before its even begun (ok, so maybe not the workday part). i don't think anyone wakes up ...

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