grown up onesie

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  if you follow me on instagram, you know that monday was a big day. if "big days" can be defined by bargain shopping and wardrobe additions (which of course they can). since i have to work for a few hours on saturday for the club's big 4th of july bash, i was given monday off as ...

my turn

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  do you remember the very first blog post i ever wrote? it's okay if you don't, it was four and a half years ago and sometimes i can't even remember what i ate for lunch yesterday (okay that's a lie, i had turkey and pickles and avocado with a side of grey poupon), but regardless, ...

it’s not a virtue for nothing

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patience. noun. "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset." what is also a virtue, alex. i've never been an intrinsically patient person. even at four years old, i got VERY frustrated when my fellow dance-classers did not master the choreography as quickly as i did. also, in case you forgot what i looked ...

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