29 reasons i loved 29

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  you know, birthdays and i have always had sort of a love/hate relationship. i’ve never been too scared of adding another candle to my cake -age truly is, just a number. rather, each birthday was just another reminder of what i hadn’t accomplished, or what life stages i hadn’t quite reached yet.   but this year feels ...

we came, we saw(horsed), we conquered

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when it comes to writing stations, i've always been more of a "write with your computer on your lap while lounging on the couch" kind of gal. i mean that's why they call it a "laptop," right? but just because i tend to find my best inspiration for composing darling articles and blogposts to be on the couch while simultaneously watching bravo ...

my carpenter

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image via: fotopedia   i'm just going to call it right now. this may or may not eventually become a "look what my boyfriend constructed for me" blog. i'm sorry i'm not sorry in advance. but when your special mister calls home depot his home away from home and takes you on dates to lowes so you ...

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