thirty days of thankfulness: 11/17/13

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i didn't fly alone until very recently. part of this was by mere happenstance, part, well, by choice. i'm not the best flyer in general, so the idea of not having a buddy to keep me calm during every little turbulence bump sounded a bit ominous. but then we all graduated from college and my besties got ...


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it's funny what responses you receive when you tell people you're headed to vegas for the weekend. "ooh, don't get too crazy!" "need a lesson in craps before you go?" "don't do anything i wouldn't do!" and then i'm like, hi, know your audience. and they're like, oh right. but yes, i'm headed to vegas. well, technically lake las vegas ...


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wanderlust noun. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. with each new calendar year comes a blank 365 days. 365 fresh canvases to splatter with the paint of life (how's that for a metaphor?). and one of the things i love most about those unmarked 24-hour increments is the fact that i can fill them ...

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