greener grass

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...The thing about Facebook is that it’s a perpetual success announcing machine that lacks the struggles of life. Eventually all these successes compound on each other and we’re lost in the delusion that every single one of our friends is living an amazing life while we’re stuck here, sitting in our underwear in a dimly ...


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i reminded myself today how lucky i am -how crazy blessed i am to call this life my own. essentially, i checked myself (before i wrecked myself). in the wake of monday's heartbreaking events, i felt like i needed to. truth is though, sometimes it takes something of this magnitude to be the catalyst for said ...

hunter, kelly, olive, or lime

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you know those cliche sayings? like, "kill two birds with one stone" (also, why must we kill the birds? can we just slightly injure them and then nurse them back to health?) or "it's the best thing since sliced bread" (really? i mean, this must be some really really good bread) and of course, "if you ...

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