i got it from my momma

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i've told you before that my high school experience was well, unique, right? that spending your formative years with a mere 85 fellow students can make for some interesting times. but despite the fact that we were one big dysfunctional family, i wouldn't have traded those memories for the world. mostly because our school had some pretty awesome ...

damn few

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i saw act of valor with the rents on saturday afternoon. to say it was "good" simply would not do it justice. it is unbelievably powerful and a hands-down must see for, well to be quite honest, for every single american. okay, so the acting isn't going to warrant any academy-award nominations but then again, that's because the ...

…and may you stay forever young

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few shows have the power to induce the ugly cry. it's funny, for how emotional of a gal i am, i tend to conserve my tears with regards to television programming. i've never cried during a bachelor finale proposal (ew, why would i waste my tears on that?) or well, during any reality tv show ...

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