a note about sunday

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of all of the days of the week, i've always been partial to sunday. maybe it's the fact that i kick off the morning with a soul-stirring church service, or the fact that it has habitually been my day to re-stock my refrigerator shelves with a few of trader joe's finest, or even still, maybe it's ...

peanuts & cracker jacks

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on friday night, and almost on a whim (i say almost because we solidified these plans a mere day before, which for me, you have to know, is a big deal), my guy and i donned our finest baseball caps and enjoyed an evening at the ballpark. an evening only made possible by E's gracious ...

a change in plans

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sometimes weekends are filled to the brim with plans. sometimes they aren't. and sometimes their scheduled activities fall somewhere in between. this past 48-hour work-freefest began as the former, ended up as the latter but was no less glorious as a result. and i suppose the culprits for most of the change in plans were none other ...

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