29 reasons i loved 29

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  you know, birthdays and i have always had sort of a love/hate relationship. i’ve never been too scared of adding another candle to my cake -age truly is, just a number. rather, each birthday was just another reminder of what i hadn’t accomplished, or what life stages i hadn’t quite reached yet.   but this year feels ...

dear 2014

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  dear 2014, first of all, you look great. that new moisturizer is definitely working. but back to my letter (squirrel!). for someone who is seemingly never silenced, i find myself at a loss for words when attempting to express just how much your 365 days have completely changed my life for the better. i mean, you kicked-off with a ...

we came, we saw(horsed), we conquered

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when it comes to writing stations, i've always been more of a "write with your computer on your lap while lounging on the couch" kind of gal. i mean that's why they call it a "laptop," right? but just because i tend to find my best inspiration for composing darling articles and blogposts to be on the couch while simultaneously watching bravo ...

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