sequined gift horses

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you know, though my top love languages are "words of affirmation" and "quality time," (and if you have no idea what i'm talking about, read this, and then do yourself a favor and just read the book, too) i'm never one to look a gift horse in the mouth. especially a present pony (see what ...

“wait, i need that” wednesday -10/24/12

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i mean, i get it, i hate how stores just bulldoze right over halloween and thanksgiving and right on into the christmas season, too. walmart, costco, and home goods have been selling holiday decor since labor day it seems. but then again i would be lying if i didn't get a wee bit excited the other ...

the birth of “wait, i need that” wednesdays

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sometimes and by "sometimes" i mean every day that ends in "y," i window shop online. nine times out of ten, the purchases never make it out of my cyber-space shopping cart, because despite popular opinion i am not growing a money tree in my backyard (i couldn't even do that seeing as i don't actually have ...

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