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if you hadn’t yet discovered it yourself, i have been blessed with an ample head of hair. in an effort to keep it looking pantene pro v commercial ready, i try to only wash it twice a week. sure, i could pretend that the bi-weekly scrub down is in an attempt to avoid over-drying and/or over-styling, but let’s be real here -the real reason is a very technical term called “laziness.” because when you have enough hair for a eight people, you do all you can to avoid spending a good 30 minutes of your life blow drying it every night (night showers have single-handedly revolutionized my life).

despite its infrequent use, after almost five years of managing my mane, my hairdryer finally threw up the white flag last week. it actually sparked before it went out which was equal parts theatrical and terrifying.

so with little more than a travel-size hair dryer to get me through my next blowout, i took to the interwebs to find a viable replacement. one, i might add, that didn’t cost me my left kidney. after scouring the reviews on ulta’s website, i narrowed the contenders down to three. in the end, it came down to what was in stock at the store when i stopped by the forum last wednesday. of the three, the only one ulta boasted on its shelves was the revlon 1875W pro stylist shine boosting hair dryer, in streamlined silver color with hot pink accents. it was the universe’s way of making the choice for me, i suppose. at $24.99, it was right in the price range of which i was aiming, only to be further reduced by one of ulta’s nearly weekly coupons. 


revlon 1875w


i kept the receipt to ensure i could return it if in fact it turned out to not be the dryer of my dreams, but i’m happy to report that after logging the first of my twice-weekly washes last night, its performance lived up to and even surpassed the 4.1/5 star-rating.

so if you’re in the market for a new hair dryer, i highly recommend this one from revlon —

from my lioness mane to yours.

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  • Aunt Teresa
    June 1, 2015

    I don’t have thick hair like you but I am looking for a new hair dryer. You did the research for me… thank you very much. I was also thinking of purchasing one for granddaughter Heidi’s birthday. She has thick hair but not long like yours. Thanks for the recommendation!

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