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adidas outfit


i have found that when you dress the part, your chances for success increase exponentially. at least that’s what i have tricked myself into believing every time i just have to buy a new pair of leggings or pencil skirt for my respective jobs. but when you look good, you perform good (or “well” for you grammar police) so in terms of my budding golf game, there’s a high probability that a new outfit to don on the course will increase my chances for making par, right?


on the heels of sunday’s great outing at carlsbad golf center, S and i decided it was time to up our game. this weekend we plan on visiting the range at st. mark golf club, the executive course at the lakehouse hotel & resort in san marcos, mere miles away from home. not only is the change in location easier on the gas tank, but once we (read: i) feel comfortable taking to the course, we can do so by taking advantage of the club’s twilight rate.

so with all of that said, i have decided that a greater commitment to the sport therefore requires a greater commitment to my golf wardrobe. which is, as of now, non-existent. but just this week, i made a big step in the right direction (literally) when i ordered my first pair of golf shoes!

here they are in all their glory:


foot joy shoes


meet my newest kicks, footjoy superlites spikeless golf shoesnot only are they adorable (IMHO) but they were on super sale, and you know momma loves a bargain! they are scheduled to arrive one week from today, but fingers crossed they make it to my doorstep soon than that. in other golf-related purchases this week, i also treated myself and S to matching golf gloves courtesy of ljcc’s very own golf shop (three cheers for the employee discount!). despite feeling a little like MJ circa 1983, i feel pretty official with it on. so coupled with the new shoes, i’m basically lpga tour bound.

but since shoes and a glove do not a golf outfit make, i’ve been doing copious amounts of research toward finding the perfect apparel as well. what my hours of internet perusing have shown me is that a) there is definitely a market for cute lady golf apparel (j.crew get on this) and b) i should probably embrace the skort. despite its hefty price tag, i did come across one ensemble while browsing the adidas website that i absolutely love -depicted in the top image of the page. i mean, they had me at those floral shorts, obvi. but seeing as the entire outfit totals just over $200, it’s more aspirational than realistic –perhaps a good goal to work toward if this whole “adopting golf as a new hobby” thing sticks. in the interim, i’ll rely on outlet stores and clearance racks to outfit myself for the course.

because as i stated at the beginning, if i plan on par-teeing it up, i best be properly dressed for the occasion.

top image adidas & shoe image carl’s golfland 

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  • Aunt Teresa
    July 23, 2015

    First let me say those shoes are gorgeous. Next, although I liked the top photo (I agree with the shorts) but I thought there was a dress code at private clubs. Those too-cute-for-words shorts are darling but I don’t even think they’d pass most school dress-codes. Still… they are very girly. (If I were much younger those shorts would find there way to my house.)
    Have fun with your new hobby.

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