let’s getz married

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i've never done drugs (i'm sure that's how you expected this post to commence, isn't it?) but i have to believe that coming off of that high is pretty terrible. so this feeling of utter depression and withdrawal must be the cause of coming off of the high of one of the most perfect collection of ...

no romance for rule-followers

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before i write a recap to end all recaps about my bridesmaiding adventures in savannah, i thought it only fair to start off with a story that occurred on the flight over to georgia wednesday evening. because really, what better way to commemorate a weekend centered around the celebration of true love than with a story of ...

eat, drink & (watch your best friend) get married

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sometimes you just fall into a friendship. all it takes is one instance, one shared laugh, or in our case, a few shared snarky comments at a sorority meeting, and suddenly you can't recall a time when you weren't calling each other to discuss love, life, and everything in between. if you could draw up the ...

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