i mean, bacon is totally a vegetable, right?

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so i’ve been keeping a dirty little secret from y’all and i think it’s high time i fess up.

the other night, i ate meat. well technically pork (the other white meat).

and if we’re getting really specific, it was actually bacon.

i know, i’m equal parts, disgusted, impressed, and nostalgic in telling you this. disgusted over the fact that i’m now both a liar and a cheater (“vegetarian” obviously means nothing to me) but also over the fact that i didn’t hate said experience with the pig. i’m kind of impressed by the fact that i didn’t get sick from the encounter and that my boyfriend may or may not have congratulated me on my re-entrance back into the promised land. finally, i can’t help but be a bit nostalgic due to the fact that some 15-ish years ago, bacon and i were the best of companions, and that exposure to its salty goodness only served to remind me of what i’ve been missing all this time.

but before you report me to PETA and/or the board of vegetarians (if that is such a thing), may i offer a rebuttal to my crimes against wilbur?

right, so remember when i said that i’m learning oodles of things in my relationship? (of course you do, i only posted those stories like two days ago). well, chalk up yet another lesson gleaned from finding myself with the “girlfriend” title –the art of adventurism. this time, with regards to food.

now i will back up for a moment and give my man credit where credit is due. i realize that my normal culinary catalog is no picnic (no pun intended). i’m pretty sure that no gent ever wants to hear, “honey, we’re having tofu and steamed vegetables tonight,” when he inquires as to what concoction his gal whipping up in the kitchen. and while i have yet to subject my guy to the soybean-based protein, i have been quite generous with my execution of many a quinoa-and-roasted-veggie-centered meals. and he has graciously embraced my adherence to this uber healthy (some may have referred to it has “bland” and/or “boring”) lifestyle and for that, i’m really really grateful. seriously, it’s no small order taking on my dietary restrictions/preferences.

so in return, i have broadened (just a bit, think of it more as a window crack in the culinary mansion of life) my otherwise narrow scope of acceptable entree endeavors. hence the recent bacon-gate. and those other miscellaneous samplings of his not normally “me-approved” confections.

but that’s where that whole lessening of the reigns continues to play out. meals shared together are sacred -there’s a reason why many of the fondest memories in life are initiated at the dinner table.

i’m not saying you should abandon everything you stand for dietarily when you find yourself in a relationship, i’m simply stating that it’s okay to allow yourself a little foodie flexibility every once in a while. guys want a partner; someone with whom to experience the nuances of life. as seemingly trivial as it may seem this desire most certainly reaches into the kitchen -both the personal and restaurant variety.

i’m learning that it’s okay to share that “yikes, i don’t even want to know how many calories are in this” candy bar cake and nibble at his bacon-infused sushi roll in the name of adventure. regular scheduled programming will resume tomorrow.

this is the cake of which i speak.

but for tonight, it’s about partaking in the moment.

the delicious bacon, chocolate, and/or peanut butter-filled moment.

i mean, it is, right?


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  • Nicole
    July 5, 2012

    You make some very valid points, not ones that I will adhere to, but valid none the less. Just don’t call bacon a vegetable and I’ll be happy/non-judgy. I remember asking your man how things were going and he got all excited and said “She tried bacon for me!” so obviously it is worth it and making him happy. And honestly (we are being honest here right) a little tiny part of me envies you food adventures that are not of the like that I will be going on any time soon. And when I do it will be “oh look I had some cheese!” not “oh look I had some bacon”!! Enjoy your adventures! And adventure enough for me too sometimes! (please don’t report me to PETA either)

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