this one’s a fighter

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so prior to even watching this track’s official music video, i was smitten. the song is catchy, it’s inspiring, it features ryan tedder. so really, what’s not to love?

but then, i decided to peruse youtube this weekend and this little diddy came into view.

and well, what do you know, not even last weekend did my guy and i sit mesmerized in front of the television watching dozens of hopefuls vie for the opportunity to represent our country on the u.s. men’s olympic gymnastics team. so when john orozco introduced himself in the first few moments of the video, i was pleasantly surprised. i mean, the track being titled “the fighter,” i would have all but assumed that there would been images of the great mohammad ali, sugar ray leonard, mike tyson (and evander holyfield’s ear), and pacquiao (i just had to google how to spell that) accompanying the toe-tapping beats.

so well done, producers of this video and/or gym class heroes and/or ryan tedder for going with the non-cliche.

sometimes i think about what it would take to become an olympic athlete. and the overwhelming sense pride and gratitude one might feel walking into the arena of the opening ceremonies of the games themselves. and i don’t even think i can wrap my mind around that accomplishment.

i also start to think how much training goes into becoming the best of the best in your given area of expertise and it all but makes me want to lie down and take a nap. and then maybe carbo load.

but in all seriousness, the london olympics start in t-minus two point five weeks and i’m beside myself excited. if only for the fact that i can’t help but think they will use the above song in one of the many montages set to grace our screens come august.


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