a christmas gram (what’s a christmas gram?)

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i’ve made it no secret in the past where my holiday allegiances lie. (and for those who need a refresher, here’s a hint, my favorite one involves food and football and family and one time it involved pilgrims and native americans, too). so when it comes to christmas, while i love it with the type of obligatory love you’re supposed to have for puppies and babies and anything with chocolate chips in it, i can’t help but always feel like i’m lacking in my “all things tinsel and twinkly lights” spirit this time of year.

but after listening to bieber’s “mistletoe” a few dozen times and admiring the club’s 80 ft christmas tree for the last time before i leave for my week-long vacation, i think i might finally be on my way to finally catching a case of this holiday joy everybody seems to be carrying around with them these days. and just in time with a mere four days left before the big day!

i also can’t help but think that having these next nine days sans work responsibility and chock-full-of equal parts family and friends may aid in attaining an antidote, too.

but in all seriousness, as i think back to this past year and the amazing journey you and i have taken together, i get a little verklempt (talk amongst yourselves). what a ride 2012 has been! and more than that, how many different stinkin’ outfits have i worn along the way? (answer: a LOT). but regardless of the pits and peaks, and questionable hairstyle/color choices, too, there’s no one else i would have chosen to share almost every minute life detail with. because i love y’all more than even i could express (and we all know how much i like to chat).

so merry merry to you and yours. may you remember what this season is truly all about and give thanks for the life He has so graciously given to you. may you hug your loved ones a little tighter over this holiday break, eat a christmas cookie or five, linger under the mistletoe just long enough to steal a kiss from the one who holds your heart, watch the christmas story on tbs but don’t shoot your eye out, belt mariah carey’s “all i want for christmas is you,” and finally, may you truly relish in the magic this season tends to bring.

soak it all in, y’all. because it’s pretty soak-worthy if you ask me.

merry christmas from my fam to yours.

merry christmas from my fam to yours.


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