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i realize that the beauty of owning a dvr is the fact that you are no longer subjected to 30-second advertisements that you are more than likely not going to spend your hard earned money on. but you guys, sometimes i get crazy and watch a show IN REAL TIME and that means i do in fact have to sit through those commercials. and maybe i’m just super impressed with commercials these days seeing as i watch them so infrequently and therefore my standards have been lowered as a result, but there are two ad campaigns that i’m slightly obsessed with these days.

first, there’s the guy in the suit with the announcer voice and the elementary aged kiddos for AT&T. i cannot get enough of these commercials. honestly, i get giddy when one graces my television set. and they just keep rolling out new ones! the other day i saw one i hadn’t even seen before and it was like a little present from heaven. and while they are all quite great, i’d be lying if i didn’t say that i have a few favorites from the bunch:

take a cheetah to her back:

hold on, i’m watching this:

and finally, that’s a pain in the buns:

now while the AT&T ads have certainly captured my attention, my laughs and my heart (aww), i’ve recently had to make room in blood-pumper for another ad campaign. two words: zesty guy. y’all. have you seen these ridiculous/ridiculously awesome commercials? i mean they are for SALAD DRESSING and yet i am completely enthralled (the hot man may or may not have something to do with that). it’s like kraft foods took a lesson out of old spice’s playbook. who knew italian dressing could be so sexy?

don’t get me wrong, i’m still a big fan of my dvr and its efficiency in getting through my week’s worth of must-see-tv without having to sit through those lengthy commercial breaks. however, if there’s a chance i’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the kid in the first clip doing two things at once or zesty guy’s 8-pack, well, i might just throw caution to the wind and watch live TV every once in a while (or i suppose not fast-forward as often while watching a recorded show).


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