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last sunday, i attended a friend’s baby shower. now well into my late 20’s (and by “late 20’s” i mean i’m less than a year away from 30, gulp), this wasn’t my first tiny-human themed rodeo. which means i have played my fair share of baby shower games -sucking down apple juice out of a bottle, performing a costume change on a baby doll, and then there is the dreaded guess-the-melted-candy-bar-in-a-diaper game which should just be outlawed, okay?

so given my foreknowledge of how these events tend to transpire, i braced myself for the inevitable “guess momma’s measurements” competition. p.s. no momma-to-be wants you trying to guess her expanded waist size. just sayin’.

but then the hostess began to distribute pieces of paper to the attendants with the words “celebrity baby quiz” printed along the top margin. my eyes grew wide in excitement. finally, all of my years of committing otherwise useless celebrity knowledge to memory would pay off.

and pay-off they did. i finished the quiz in a matter of minutes and claimed top honors (and a prize!) with a perfect score. i probably should have been a tad bit more humble about it, but when you finally feel as though all of those hours reading the likes of us weekly magazine and checking the e! news app have not been in vain, it’s hard to contain your enthusiasm.


celebrity baby quiz


image via the daily mail


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