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phew, we made it! my first official week as a fashion blogger has come and gone and i really can’t thank you enough for all of the love, support and encouragement i have received over the past five days. with any new endeavor, there’s always a hint of fear (remember this friend’s episode?) (okay maybe more than just a hint), of what people might think or say, but when you’re confident in your decision and know you have the world’s best home team surrounding you, making the jump doesn’t seem so scary.

anywho, you’ll notice this week that a bulk of my posts featured ways to style your pieces for day and for play. you’re bound to see a lot of that, actually as it’s the foundation for how i approach my wardrobe. to explain, let me first tell you a little bit more about myself and my styling needs.

by day i’m a director of membership for a private country club, by night, i’m a barre tender at studio barre la costa, and obviously i’m a fashion lover at every hour in between. since i wear a few different hats in my life (both figuratively and literally, i may or may not have a small addiction to them), i try to be mindful when purchasing new clothes. i oftentimes ask myself, “could i wear this to work as well as on the weekends?” if the answer is “yes!” then i can usually justify its purchase. stopping to assess whether a garment realistically fits into all aspects of my life is a practice i’ve adopted to ensure my shopping habits don’t get out of control -especially after i just did a massive closet purge.

which leads me back to the original concept of styling for “day and play.” you’ll notice my “day” looks often incorporate jeans or denim of some variety. unfortunately working at a country club does not afford me the opportunity to wear these looks into the office, so instead these ensembles get most wear on the weekends and while on vacation. the “play” outfits, therefore, are for the more dressy occasions. for me, that equates to work, weddings, baby showers, date nights, holidays, and other miscellaneous special events. of course, these categories are based on what’s required for my personal lifestyle, so feel free to adapt looks for what works best for you and yours.

bottom line: getting extra mileage out of your clothes is never a bad thing if you ask me, but piecing together outfits does require a bit more creativity and planning. when you have less to work with, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. and that’s where (hopefully) i come in. i want to help you take the guesswork out of getting dressed for the various occasions in your life -whether you head into a corporate office, are a stay-at-home mom, college student, or simply love clothes and are looking for a little outfit inspiration to pull yourself out of a fashion rut.

so thanks for stopping by little fashionable corner of the interwebs. i’m so happy you’re here.

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