happy thanksgiving!

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happy thanksgiving, my loves! before i stuff my face with turkey, sweet potatoes, and a big slice of pie (a la mode, of course), i wanted to take a moment to list everything i’m thankful for this year -because there are a LOT of things on my list.

i’m thankful for grace upon grace and a savior who accepts me just as i am -broken and in constant need of his love.

i’m thankful for a boyfriend who is my champion, my confidant, the love of my life, and very best friend.

i’m thankful for a family who is the definition of a home team.  for parents who support me 1000% in everything i do, for cousins who feel like sisters, and for a grandmother who listens to my ramblings on the phone twice a week.

i’m thankful for friendships that withstand time, distance, and lifestage and whose bonds remind me of the absolute need for community.

i’m thankful for a job where i’m able to grow, even eight years later. for a flexible schedule and a boss who cares for me equally as an employee and as a friend.

i’m thankful for my studio barre family -my fellow instructors and my amazing barre besties who have become simply besties and whose sweet faces make late nights and early mornings worth everything.

i’m thankful for a healthy body that withstands one too many sets of extension, one too many nights without the recommended hours of sleep, and a diet loosely made up of gluten-free pretzels, coffee, and brussels sprouts.

and lastly, i’m thankful for you, my readers. whether you’re a new subscriber or have been with me since my humble beginnings, i want to extend my deepest gratitude for joining me on this journey. thank you for sticking with me as i took a leap of faith and for offering words of support and encouragement every step of the way. y’all are seriously the best.

on that note, i hope your thanksgiving celebrations are filled with all the very best things -the company of cherished loved ones, the sound of belly laughter as you reconnect around the table, and of course, the delectable flavors of holiday cuisine.

clear eyes, full hearts, full bellies, can’t lose.

p.s. check back in tomorrow for a list of all the amazing black friday sales!

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