coats to keep you warm all season long

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in the weeks leading up to our wedding, checking the weather forecast became an obsession. while january can be quite lovely in san diego, if anyone remembers this past january –it was quite the opposite. san diego had some of the worst rainstorms in recent history. go figure.

luckily, the prayers of family, friends, and i’m convinced mere strangers who had heard about our plight from a mom of a friend of a neighbor of a sister were heard and the skies opened up just long enough to give us our perfect day (fun fact: when my mom opened the curtains from our room on the morning of the wedding, there was a giant rainbow across the sky -it was such a sweet reminder of God’s providence in all situations). however, just because the skies were cleared didn’t mean that a heat wave rolled in. it was still a balmy 60-degrees and even cooler that evening. we had heaters and blankets but knowing how i’m often freezing, i knew i’d need something to keep me warm over my spaghetti-strapped gown.

after perusing the internet for hours it seemed, i finally found a cozy faux fur bomber jacket in the perfect shade of brown. it was like a teddy bear -so warm, so soft, so cozy, and most importantly -so something i would wear long after the wedding day.

fast forward nearly a year and cozy coats are all the rage for fall. the fluffier, the cozier, the better, it seems. the fun thing is, they’re being offered in a rainbow of colors -from burgundy to pink to baby blue. i’ve rounded up some of my favorites including this teddy coat in the dreamiest rust shade:


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