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my apologies for the radio silence last week, i was hit with the plague and spent my entire new year’s weekend in the horizontal position on the couch, going through kleenex boxes like it was my job. THANKFULLY i am on the mend and S and i were finally able to get out of the house and shoot some looks for the blog this week.

at the dawning of each year, i like to reassess my style. what were the trends i tried and LOVED (cough, wide-leg cropped pants, cough) and will definitely be bringing into new year and which styles were a one time thing and will be left behind with the champagne and confetti in 2017.



everlane sweater || everlane wide leg crops

similar janessa leone hat

madewell mules (back in stock!), beltbandana + bag



as i get older, i find myself refining my style more and more. while i will never grow tired of a ruffle or frilled sleeve, i do notice myself gravitating toward more simplistic silhouettes in a neutral color palette that flatter my body with minimal accessories. case in point -this outfit. i feel like it represents exactly what my style is at this stage in life. classic, no fuss, but with a little bit of femininity and whimsy. essentially my best attempt at looking like i stepped out of a madewell catalog (always).



speaking of madewell, i’m obsessed with my new transport tote that S got me for christmas. other than its buttery leather and oversized shape (perfect for holding ALL of the things), what i love most about it is the cute little monogram with my new initials -the perfect personalization detail to take it from being just another bag to one specially customized to me!



looking toward 2018, i have a few style resolutions that i hope to explore in the new year:

  1. add a bit of color. keeping a tight color palette has been revolutionary in terms of creating outfits (everything can mix and match!) but i would be lying if i said that sometimes it can be fairly limiting. right now i’m really drawn to soft blush tones, mustard yellows, and a muted rust hue. i’ll look forward to seeing what brands have in store for us this spring and hopefully i add a little pastel to the palette.
  2. overalls! as is the goal every year it seems, i really really want to find a pair of overalls that works for my body (i.e. torso for days). if that means they are a little baggier than the skinny-leg trend, then so be it. i just want to feel like i’m in 7th grade again. minus the braces and the bangs.
  3. focus on machine washable fabrics. obviously working in a professional environment dictates a lot of my purchases. i am constantly asking myself can i wear this to work as well as on the weekend? asking the former has led me to purchase many a dry clean only garment which isn’t the the worst thing in the world, but it definitely isn’t the most practical either. so in 2018, i hope to add more items in washable fabrics to make it easier to keep things cleaned. i like to think in doing this, i’m also preparing my wardrobe for children seeing as when they arrive, you’re essentially a giant napkin for them.
  4. continue to streamline my closet. while i’ll probably never subscribe to a capsule wardrobe, i do love having a leaner closet if only for the fact that i tend to reach for the same 10 items to create my outfits most days of the week. i will do my best to assess the items i wear infrequently and consider donating them or consigning them to make room for pieces that get more airtime.
  5. the third piece rule. i’ve spoken about the “third piece rule” before, but wanted to revisit it again in 2018. if your your pants and top are your first and second pieces, your third piece is an extra outfit element such as a jacket, blazer, sweater, vest or statement accessory. most days i feel like i do a pretty good job at adding a third piece, but i’d like to push myself a little more this year. at least in the creativity department. i’m usually quick to add an accessory (tassel earrings, a bandana, or hat) but rarely do i rely on outerwear to complete my look. with the abundance of sweater coats, vests, and blazers these days, i’m keeping my eyes out on adding a few tailored pieces to the mix. my friend natalie is a pro at layering as is kate from the fancy pants report. i plan on taking many cues from both them. to start, i just ordered this!

do you have any style resolutions for the new year?


shop the post:

everlane sweater || everlane wide leg crops (wearing a size 2) || similar hat

madewell mules (back in stock!), beltbandana + bag

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  • Aunt Teresa
    January 10, 2018

    The MadeWell ‘third piece’ you just ordered is darling, and will make a great addition to you style. Today’s whole look is perfect. Nothing is out of order. It’s balanced in color and weight. It’s a great look for you (of course), and the background staged it perfectly. (Glad you’re feeling better.)

    • srivera
      January 11, 2018

      Thank you so much! I can’t wait for the sweater-coat to arrive, hopefully it’s just as good in person. xoxo

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