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welp, didn’t realize i had ordered so much stuff this month until i took a moment to write it all down. whoopsies! in my defense, there were a lot of items that ended up in the “misses” category (per usual) and the things that i did end up keeping were most certainly purchased on sale.

ANYWAY, here’s this month’s run-down! happy early thanksgiving!

the homeruns

h&m waffle jersey pajamas (small) || with the weather cooling off in the evening, i was in the market for a matching pajama set with pants (most of my sets are long-sleeve tops + shorts). i already own a nearly identical version of this set with shorts so when i saw they brought it back with elastic-waistband pants, i was SOLD. i love the taupe color and the waffle fabric and the fact that it washes and wears really well despite its affordable price tag. while the pants do run a bit oversized, i wouldn’t size down. let’s be honest, no one likes a tight pajama anyway.

gap waffle-knit joggers (xs) + slouchy waffle-knit t-shirt (xs) –ordered in cream & black || if you read this post, you obviously know this set ended up being a BIG homerun, so much so, i considered getting a third color but then restrained myself because sometimes i’m responsible. i cannot speak more highly of these pieces and how well they look when paired together, and how versatile they are when styled separately. gap is never not having a sale, so if you’re in the market for some loungewear (that can be elevated to street wear), i highly recommend both the joggers and long sleeve tee. both items run generously in my opinion, so i might recommend sizing down.

madewell pleated statement-sleeve top (small) –ordered in black & asparagus || since i had the ability to try on this very “shawna” top in the store, i knew it was already a homerun before i ordered it. and yes, i ordered it in two colors because a) it was on sale and b) while the black will be versatile (because what doesn’t pair well with a black top?!), i also loved the unexpected neutral of the asparagus shade. i plan on wearing both colors with denim, my wide-leg crop pants, and even a midi skirt, two. it fits TTS if not a bit on the looser side, but i wouldn’t recommend sizing down.

madewell aviator blue light glasses || okay so i was that girl who bought a pair of fake glasses at claire’s after seeing legally blonde because i, too, wanted to look as though i could spout of legal jargon at a moment’s notice. turns out they just gave me a headache. 20 years later, i do in fact now have astigmatism that warrants prescription glasses -especially while driving at night, go figure. while i don’t spend nearly as much time in front of a computer screen as i did when i was working full-time as the director of membership at a private country club, i do spend a heck of a lot of time looking at my phone (and lap top to write the occasional blog post). i’ve heard blue light glasses can assist in the strain our eyes endure looking at our various forms of technology and these frames were so cute, i figured why not try them out? turns out, they’re really cute! i also love these and these!

madewell corwin pleated straight pants (0) || i must not be the only ones who fell in love with these pants because they’re almost completely sold out (sorry!). but is it okay if i gush about them for 2.5? k, thanks. i feel like these are some of the most flattering pants i’ve worn in recent memory. i’ve experimented with different silhouettes but at the end of the day, i think i’m happiest in a style that’s fitted at the waist and pulls away through the hips and thighs. i will say, madewell bottoms have been running more generous than usual so i sized down to a 0. just in case your size is still available, i might consider sizing down. in terms of styling, i plan on wearing them with a black top and espadrilles for a dressier look or a white puff-sleeve tee and flats for a quintessential “shawna” uniform.

abercrombie long-sleeve sweetheart sweater bodysuit (small) –ordered in cream || in all honesty, i had this bodysuit in my cart for weeks before finally taking the plunge. not only was i secretly hoping it would go on sale (it finally did and that’s when i pounced!), but moreover, i was really just intimidated by the thought of welcoming a bodysuit back into my life. i didn’t wear them often in my youth, but i did wear a lot of leotards and one-piece bathing suits, and a bodysuit kind of feels like a grown up version of that. i must have been more proportional back then because nowadays my long torso makes any sort of all-one-piece situation, well, tricky. ANYWAY i was so taken by the sweetheart neckline that i decided to face my irrational fears and having now tried it on and styled it with pieces from my closet, i’m very happy i did. it honestly feels way more expensive than it is. the material is a thick ribbed knit, perfect for the cooler months. i recently saw one of my style crushes, alicia lund wearing a very similar top from reformation that retails for triple the price, and guess what? the bodysuit is currently on sale for black friday. i hemmed and hawed for a while about whether or not to keep it for our upcoming family photos, but ultimately i know myself and i know that i will not wear this bodysuit more than once or twice. despite the fact that i won’t be keeping it, it still belongs in the homerun category for its quality alone.

the misses

mango faux leather culotte pants (4/small) || i had two pairs of faux leather joggers that i wore non-stop during those first few months postpartum. sadly they eventually became too big and i swear i’ve been trying to find a proper replacement ever since. when i stumbled across these faux leather culottes, given my love for all things wide-leg, i thought they’d be the perfect silhouette. i wasn’t in love with the grommet belt, but i figured i could make it work if the fit was flattering. when they arrived, i was immediately taken by how soft they were! they were extremely comfortable as i pulled them on, but i quickly realized they were too big in the waist (i would recommend sizing down). while i thought about exchanging them for a smaller size, ultimately, i don’t believe them to be the most flattering cut on my shape. right now, i have my eye on these. they’re a bit more of an investment, but they come with great reviews. so now i have to really think about whether or not i need faux leather pants in my life. with 1.5 year old twins, they might not be the wisest investment.

mango chunky-knit sweater (small) –ordered in grey || oof, the itchiest sweater that there ever was. okay maybe not ever was but i could not get this baby off fast enough. if you can hang with wool (apparently i cannot), it is such a gorgeous piece–the neckline alone is *chef’s kiss*, not to mention the fact that it’s under $80, and it would be a staple in your winter wardrobe for years to come. however for me, it was a big miss. clothes HAVE to be comfortable at this stage in my life and for that reason, i sent this baby back immediately.

mango knit midi dress (4/small) –ordered in cream || if you follow me on instagram (come hang out!), you may have seen me try this dress on in hopes that it would be a winner for our upcoming family photos. we’re going with a more neutral theme in terms of colors this year so i figured a good cream sweater dress paired with cowboy boots could be just the vibe i wanted to convey juxtaposed to the rest of my posse. while it was very comfortable, ultimately the shape was a bit too bodycon for my liking. i will say, it’s the kind of knit i would have gravitated to more when i was pregnant, so if you find yourself sporting a bump this winter, it would be a great option for something cozy yet chic to get you through the holiday season (pair it with tights and a cute headband!).

h&m cardigan with tie belt (xs) || sometimes a garment is objectively really good but ultimately not right for your body. alas, that was the case with this tie belt cardigan. when i slid it out of the packaging, i was immediately impressed by how substantial it was -a nice thick cotton knit, perfect for staying warm in the winter weather. while the belt did attempt to create a more fitted silhouette, overall, i felt like the sweater was wearing me and not the other way around. it definitely runs on the large side, so i would recommend sizing down. my intention was to wear it over a dress to get more mileage out of my summer frocks, but perhaps it would have been more flattering with a skinnier pant (like a legging or faux leather legging) underneath?

zara sweatshirt with matching ruffles (m) || i wouldn’t have believed it, but it turns out there is actually a point where a garment can reach ruffle capacity. after a long day of parenting, i decided to treat myself with this sweatshirt i spotted on the zara website when perusing shoes. i thought it could be a dressed up version of a cozy classic so i sized up (per the suggestion of the size generator) and before in a matter of minutes, it seemed, it had landed on my doorstep (zara shipping can be crazy fast sometimes). i’m glad i did size up otherwise it would have been very cropped and not the slightly oversized silhouette i require from my sweatshirts. i have ruffle blinders so when i looked in the mirror they didn’t seem that big, but when i came downstairs to show S, he said very frankly (which i appreciated!), “it looks like you have wings.” and that’s the story of when i learned that sometimes too much of a good thing, is just too much.

and what has yet to arrive

saie glowy super gel || after recently cleaning out my makeup bag, i decided to order a couple products from saie, a natural beauty company of which i’ve heard such a good things (fyi –they’re offering 15% off sitewide!). i’m almost out of my highlighter so i opted to replace it with saie’s glowy super gel which works as an all-over glow-maker with a couple drops added to a tinted moisturizer or sunscreen. i can’t wait to try it out and will definitely share my thoughts on instagram stories!

saie dew blush in rosy || similar to my highlighter, my blush is also on its last legs so i also threw saie’s dew blush into my cart for purchase. normally i use a stick blush for my rouge so i’ll be interested to see how i like a liquid version instead. for not being much of a makeup junkie, i find myself particularly excited for these products to arrive.

i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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