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as you may or may not know, june is my birthday month (i rang in 38 on the 4th) and well, that’s how i justified some of these big ticket purchases. the homeruns were some of my favorite finds of late (this skirt in particular) and i know i’ll have them in my closet for years to come. the rest was kind of a mixed bag as you’ll read below. i’ll be honest, i’ve been less than enthused with the current sartorial offerings and while i’m very much loving all things summer, i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t excited to see what the fall season brings in terms of fashion. so until then, i’ll happily cycle my current supply of cropped tops and short-sleeve tees that FINALLY have use with the arrival of long-awaited sunshine, mix in a few new pieces (as listed below), and see what next month brings! until then, xoxo.

the homeruns

madewell pull-on shorts in striped signature poplin (xs –shaded pink) || in honor of birthday month, i used my gifted birthday credit ($25!) to snag these cutey striped shorts for summer. i honestly haven’t purchased something from madewell (that i kept) in maybe upwards of a year? so i was pleasantly surprised when i spotted these pink and white cuties on another style blogger’s list of must-haves for the upcoming season. i actually was able to try them on in the store (such a luxury!) and found them to fit perfectly. i currently don’t own any pink but these were too cute to pass up. i actually tried on the pale blue and white striped version but they felt more pajama bottom than tailored short so i decided to go with my original choice. like most madewell stuff, they run generous (plus the fact that they have an elastic waistband), so i opted for an extra small and they’re great. they’re also a great length for modest millies like myself who don’t want to flash their derrière to the good people of legoland when bending over to pick up a child. because i tested them out the day after i bought them at said theme park and they passed with flying colors!

freda salvador loretta western boot (9.5 –ordered in dove white calf) || white boots? who am i, nancy sinatra? maybe! to be honest, i was instantly drawn to the camel version of freda salvador’s latest intimation of the cowboy-inspired footwear. but then i realized it was a suede material AND i already have two pairs of brown boots and i decided perhaps i should step outside of my comfort zone. SO i took a gamble and ordered the white pair. before hitting purchase, i actually stood in my closet and tried to count the number of pieces with which i could pair them and the number exceeded expectations. for that reason, i was able to confidently to order them. when they arrived, they honestly exceeded expectations. not because i was shocked by the impeccability of the design (freda always nails it), but because they were not only so comfortable, but also really flattering on my leg. well shoot. i had kind of assumed i wouldn’t like them and could happily return them without regret. but the more i wore them and thought about the outfits i could create, the more i knew i’d be saddened if i let them get away. and then this skirt arrived and when i paired the two together, i solidified my choice. I HAD TO KEEP THE BOOTS. so these boots were made for walking, and that’s just what i’ll do.

sea new york tall tiered midi skirt (2) || guys, this skirt and i have been on a journey! i have had it in my cart for probably upwards of two months and have watched it go on and off of promotion only to talk myself out of it every time. but then it kept popping up on my instagram feed and in freda salvador’s most recent campaign and i decided once and for all that i needed to at least try it to appease my curiosity. of course at that point, the skirt was back up to full price. BUT a quick google search revealed that on a certain website, it was being discounted for FORTY PERCENT OFF its original tag. there was one left in my size and i took everything to be the universe’s way of telling me, “shawna, it’s time to order the skirt!” (and who am i to argue with the universe?) i’m so glad i decided to heed the universe’s call because this skirt is even better than i ever could have imagined. even taking it out of the box it felt luxe. i used the measurements on the website to confirm my size and thankfully it fit like a glove (so i’d say stay true to size or size up one if you’re in between sizes). it’s definitely a forever piece and i’m so excited to have nabbed it at such a discount. i plan on wearing it with a ruffled or plain white t-shirt this summer and with long-sleeves in the fall. i love it with my new white boots (see above) but also plan on pairing it with sandals for warmer weather.

mango printed flower choker (blue) || flowers have really had been having a moment lately -as adornments on tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories. as a certified purveyor of all things feminine and girly, i am obviously here for said trend. it feels very carrie bradshaw circa 2006. i recently saw this flower choker on a ridiculously chic european fashion blogger and was SHOCKED to learn that its origin was mango and therefore not approximately $847. it was instead a cool $25.99. i immediately added it to my cart. i opted for the darker blue shade as it reads more like denim. i’m still figuring out how to style it but i think it probably works best with a clean white top (luckily i have plenty of those). it feels like a cool way to elevate a simple outfit and for that reason, i’m excited to wear it this summer.

madewell denim sweetheart bralette in stamped floral (2) || i’m always on the search for the quintessential denim piece -whether it be a pair of jeans, a chambray top, or in this case -a feminine bralette that can be worn alone or layered a top of a white blouse. i spotted this adorable cropped number after a recent google search and immediately fell in love with its shape and of course the stamped floral pattern. second only to the girly details was its price -$24.99 (reduced down from $84!). the fact that it was final sale did warrant pause, but i couldn’t stop thinking about the outfits i could create so i took a chance and hit purchase. thankfully it’s SO cute in person and fits like a glove. the buttons down the front are indeed functional so you can put it on like a shirt and button it up versus pulling it over your head. it fits essentially like a bathing suit top on my long torso so i’ll be wearing it with all the high-waisted things but more likely over a button-down.

i also had a few great (gifted) sezane purchases that you can read more about here!

the misses

wrangler cowboy jean (25) || i initially spotted these jeans on the anthropologie website and actually did a reverse image google search to track them down. i found them on the free people website and was pleasantly surprised by how affordably priced they were (under $150!). i tend to be closer to a size 25 (versus a 26) these days so i opted for that size and they fit perfectly. they fit very high-waisted and a little shallow in the inseam (i’m long-torsoed) but being rigid denim, i knew they’d stretch out with wear. there were so many elements i loved about this particular pair (the fit, the seaming, the raw hem, the back pocket details) but the two-toned wash was a little off-putting and it was just niche enough that i knew they wouldn’t be a pair of jeans i’d think to reach for when getting dressed. ultimately i asked myself, “would this money be better spent elsewhere?” and you know what? the answer was yes. so back they went.

doen traveler top (small) || i recently saw this cute little tank on two of my favorite style bloggers and it was so cute that i was like maybe i need to try it because how cute would it be with a pair of baggy jeans? and suddenly it was in my cart and boom, purchased. now despite having luck with some of their pieces in the past, i haven’t had a good track record with doen lately and unfortunately this top was one of those cases where it looked super flattering on the aforementioned parties but looked like old-timey pajamas on yours truly. it was overall ill-fitting on my frame (i seem to toggle between an extra small and small maybe?) which is such a bummer because i had big plans for that little tank. oh well, i had a lot of really good homeruns this month so a few misses just means more money back in the bank ;).

sezane svetlana dress (2/34)* || this blue and white dress in the latest drop of sezane’s summer collection was giving me such grecian vibes, i had to try it for myself. it sold out almost immediately and when it arrived, i could totally see why. the fabric felt substantial and the embroidery, impeccable as always. unfortunately for me, the silhouette was just not as flattering on my frame as i hoped it to be. it has almost a halter-style cut and with my broader shoulders, it felt, well, off. someone recently sent me a message on this subject of being less than enthused with a purchase and i’m totally going to adopt it as my new mantra. she said, “when it doubt, go without.” so simple and so sage. so because i was doubting, i went without(ing). i will say it fit true to size, albeit a tad bit short on my long torso.

laagam lorea ecru dress (small) || a few months ago i fell down a rabbit hole of following a bunch of european fashion bloggers. i’ve been pretty bored of the whole oversized coastal grandmother movement here in the good ol’ us of a (if i see ONE MORE breezy button-down i’m going to scream!) and i have found the gals across the pond so much more inspiring in terms of personal style. case in point, this portugese influencer’s stunning rose-adorned dress.. i mean, given my love for flowers lately, i immediately went searching for said frock. to my shock and pleasant surprise, i found the dress to be not only affordable (it was on sale for under $100), but also available for shipping to the US (the brand is based in barcelona). i had never heard of the spanish-based brand so it was definitely a gamble, and unfortunately it didn’t pay off. the pale yellow shade of the fabric did nothing for my skin tone and the fit was a tad bit large in both the bust and waist. i will say i loved the rosette and the fact that it had pockets, but aside from those details, it wasn’t worth keeping. double unfortunately is the fact that it will cost me $28 to ship it back to spain. so lesson learned, vet not-known-to-me companies a bit better next time!

and what has yet to arrive

urban outfitters lettuce-edge hair bow barrette || ever since i purchased the aforementioned flower choker i’ve been on bit of an accessory hunt. my latest feminine outfit finisher purchase was this lettuce-edge bow in the perfect taupe brown. it’s on backorder until AUGUST so check back then but i plan on wearing it both in my hair and clipping it on the straps of my tanks to add a little flair.


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