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as you may know, october was capsule wardrobe month. you can see every outfit i wore over the past 31 days here. as a result of working from a limited wardrobe, i must say, it really did curtail my spending habits. i mean i am only human and definitely still treated myself to a few things, but it was pretty eye-opening how much less i wanted to consume. just a little food for thought. given the fact that we’re on the eve of holiday collections launching, i think it was a happy accident that i decided to do this exercise because hopefully it helps be a bit more prudent when shopping over the next two months. like do i really need this sequined top? probably not. but i will be splurging on a leather jacket come black friday. ANYWAY, here’s what came, went, and stayed this month.

the homeruns

citizens of humanity horseshoe jeans (25 –size down, ordered in jicama) || if we’re keeping score at home, this is my THIRD pair of my beloved horseshoe jeans. i realize it seems excessive but honestly they are the best-fitting jeans i’ve ever had and i love how i look and feel in them and honestly isn’t that all we’re looking for in a pair of denim (or a garment in general)? i know the white may seem more like a spring/summer (or september joggers -if you catch this reference you’re MY PEOPLE) kind of thing, but i love a winter white and i have big plans for them to be paired with this sweater and these flats for a neutral cold-weather outfit of my dreams.

target x kika vargas scallop edge wrap top (xs) || i recently discovered the designer kika vargas after falling in love with this top. then i was slapped back into reality when i learned that said top retails for $570. womp, womp. lucky for me, our great friends at the bullseye recently decided to team up with the luxury brand for a collaboration to bring vargas’ over-the-top puff-sleeve and ruffled designs to a broader audience. i spotted this scalloped piece on emily of @bornonfifth and while it’s not quite the aforementioned blouse of my dreams, it is only $40 which is obviously more budget-friendly. while #targetdoesitagain with many things, occasionally the quality is just so-so. you guys, this top is actually worth your time. it’s a substantial cotton poplin fabric with adorable detailing and great overall construction. it has a little hidden button to keep the wrap in place with an additional tie enclosure to make the look complete. i sized down to an XS since i have a very small chest but if you are more blessed in that area, i might stick with your true size. i am obsessed with the scallop hem and the slight peplum silhouette. i would probably recommend pairing it with a slimmer bottom since it is so voluminous -most notably a faux leather legging or skinnier jean.

reebok classics fleece sweatshirt (small –ordered in classic white) || after doing a complete overhaul of my athleisure wardrobe, i was in need of one more good cold-weather pullover to sport during the chilliest months. i’ve begun seeing glimpses of san diego “fall” in early morning park visits so i wanted to be pro-active in finding a layering piece as we ease into frost season. i stumbled upon this cropped fleece on super sale at target and decided to order it to see how it was. when it arrived, it exceeded expectations. the quality is amazing and i’ve already worn it a handful of times now that the weather has gotten more fall-like in the mornings. it’s cropped but not too cropped and pairs perfectly with my high-waisted leggings. it’s super soft on the inside, an aspect i hope continues after washing (i have yet to wash it), and will be a great layering piece in my athleisure wardrobe as we move toward winter.

banana republic ramie open-back top (small) || normally i avoid a “final sale” purchase like the plague, but i have been pining after this top ever since spotting it on geri hirsch last month. on a rogue perusal through banana republic, i noticed it was back in stock and on sale (albeit final as previously stated) and before i could convince myself otherwise, it was in my online cart and i was checking out. i erred on the side of caution and ordered a small when i toggle between an XS and small at banana republic. i figured it was easier to have it taken in versus having it be too tight, right? i made the right decision because the small fits well! it’s a linen blend so it’s very light and a little prone to wrinkles but thankfully not too sheer. the puff sleeves are perfection (when are they ever not?!). it has covered buttons at the neck and a bow tie at the waist and a sassy exposed back. given the light fabric, it’s definitely more of a spring/summer piece but should we have a rogue hot day, you better believe i’ll be busting it out before next year.

tower 28 makewaves mascara || after switching to clean mascara last year, i’ve been a loyal ilia limitless lash mascara user ever since. however, i’ve been hearing EXCELLENT things about tower 28 mascara from influencers whose opinions i trust. the beauty and skincare website was running a 20% promo this month so i decided to throw it in my cart to try it out. i just gave a full review on my instagram stories, but TLDR, it lives up to the hype! the curved brush ensures that a ton of product doesn’t come out with application and the bristles really pull and separate the lashes to create both volume and length. it’s also a few dollars cheaper than ilia. i will definitely continue to use both, but if you are new to clean mascara and looking for a seamless recommendation, i’d say go with tower 28!

jones road lip & cheek stain (english rose) || piggy-backing off the above purchase, i decided to try out a couple other beauty products some of which were also recommended by my newest beauty influencer crush, sarah james. she swears by this cream blush and since my current cheek rouge is a) running low and b) not my favorite, i decided to try out her suggestion. as you may or may not know, i switched to 100% clean beauty products about a year+ ago and haven’t looked back since. jones road is indeed a clean brand and i was excited to sample it as i’ve heard rave reviews. i opted for their lip & cheek stain in english rose (sarah’s personal favorite). it’s a perfect pinky mauve color and i LOVE it. the stick applicator ensures that the product is buildable, giving you the control to regulate the pigment levels. it’s light and goes on smoothly. it also doubles as a lip color and you know we love a twofer, so i say yay for jones road and for trusting beauty influencer’s recommendations!

ellis brooklyn vanilla milk eau de parfum || the last beauty product i added to my arsenal this month was a clean perfume. i was an avid wearer of victoria’s secret vanilla lace for YEARS until they stopped carrying it in the stores and the only supply i could find was on amazon where the quality is never assured. SO i just stopped wearing perfume. lately, however, i have been wanting to regain a signature scent. my goal in life is to always smell like a chocolate chip cookie so i went searching for something vanilla-inspired. i landed on ellis brooklyn’s vanilla milk and thankfully they offered a travel-size so i could test it out before committing to a full bottle. while it’s not as saccharine as my former scent, it does scratch the itch i’ve had over the past few years. it’s warm and sweet, a little musky, but overall subtle and i think it’ll continue to grow on me as i wear it.

the misses

h&m flounced blouse (xs) || this had the makings of a quintessential “shawna” blouse but the FABRIC, my goodness, was an atrocity. it was so incredibly itchy! the overall design and fit were fabulous, but if a garment feels like sandpaper when you put it on, it’s not worth it. it was sent back immediately.

de recoco no.5 high waist straight cropped denim (25) || don’t get me wrong, wide-leg/horseshoe leg denim ’til i die, but i have been on the hunt for a good straight-leg pair of jeans for months. after striking out with the highly touted agolde riley cropped style and many a madewell pair, i finally landed on a new-to-me brand, de recoco. i saw this pair on my new instagram crush, jordanna sharp and immediately fell in love. i mean she kind of makes everything look good, but i have high hopes seeing as she’s a professional stylist and wouldn’t back just any brand. they were also very affordable in terms of premium denim and she was offering a promo code for an additional 15% off so basically i purchased them for less than what a pair from madewell costs. anyway, i loved them initially when i tried them on –their fit is super flattering and they were the perfect cropped length (hit me at the ankle and i’m 5’7″) but the more i thought about it, the more i realized my quest for the so-called perfect pair of straight-leg jeans is like my quest for the perfect blazer -perhaps futile. in other words, i don’t think i really need either in my closet to make my wardrobe feel complete. as evidenced by my third purchase of them, i love my horseshoe jeans, or other wide-leg styles and maybe i just continue to lean into that silhouette? at any rate, i think de recoco is a great more cost-effective denim brand and is definitely worth your time. this particular pair, however, just wasn’t right for me.

faux-leather mini skirt (2) || it’s about time i introduce a “date night” option into my wardrobe, right?! perhaps it will encourage us to actually make date nights? at any rate, i tried on this little faux-leather mini last month and was shocked by how much i liked it (especially paired with sweaters). it seemed impractical to purchase at the time (how do i bend down to pick up the kids?), but after further consideration, if i paired it with tights or as stated above –wore it when absent from my children, it could be a really cute option for those rogue date nights that happen about once a quarter. however once the skirt arrived and i tried it on for a second time, i was reminded why i passed on it in the first place. it’s pretty cheaply constructed for its $80 price tag and while it’s fun to wear something with a shorter hemline, ultimately, it doesn’t feel like “me.” i’m sending it back confidently knowing that my first instincts were the right ones.

mango high waist culotte jeans (4 –sized up, ordered in medium blue & light blue ) || i’ve heard the praises of these culottes sung by a few of my favorite instagram follows so it was high time i tried them myself. you know me and my love for a wide-leg silhouette. guys, they lived up to the hype. they’re longer than the pairs i currently have yet not quite as high-waisted as i’m usually accustomed. i much preferred the darker pair to the lighter version but ultimately decided i didn’t need them. i sent them back but to be honest, i’m kind of regretting it. as i wait for the credit to be issued back to me in the form of a nordstrom gift card, i’ve decided to order the zara version instead. if anything it will be an opportunity to compare the two styles! for both jeans, i did size up and that seems to be the way to go. anyway, while i’m placing them under the “misses” category, i would say they’re worth the hype.

and what has yet to arrive

shock and awe, but i do not currently have any packages en route to our doorstep. HOWEVER, i am extremely closet to hitting purchase on this pair of baggy jeans that i just saw on my ultimate girl crush. i’m crossing my fingers everlane runs a promo soon and as soon as they do, i’ll make them mine!

i get a small commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post. thank you for supporting the brands that keep this blog up and running.


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