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from the archives with sezane

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while i've admired sezane for years, i've only had personal experience with them since last october (when i began my partnership). so when i learned they were releasing some of their summer pieces from collections past, i was excited to see what i had been missing out on for the past decade. per usual, i ...

recent purchases -june 2023

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as you may or may not know, june is my birthday month (i rang in 38 on the 4th) and well, that's how i justified some of these big ticket purchases. the homeruns were some of my favorite finds of late (this skirt in particular) and i know i'll have them in my closet for ...

four sezane tops for summer

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whenever a new sezane collection launches (usually on a sunday morning), i always set my alarm for 12:30am PDT. it may seem crazy but since the company is based in paris, their launch time is nine hours ahead. if i were to wait until my normal waking hour (6:00am our time), i would surely miss ...

recent purchases -may 2023

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first of all, HOW is it may? and the END of may at that?! the twins turned three this month and in a few weeks both S and i will celebrate our (much older) birthdays, too. coupled with mother's and father's day, it's a busy time of year in the rivera household. as you may ...

recent purchases -april 2023

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hello to april and a month full of returns. if i could categorize this month's purchases in one word it would be disappointing. nearly everything i ordered and for which i had high expectations fell extremely short. i suppose it's probably for the best because many of the items that landed on our doorstep were ...

recent purchases -march 2023

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i blinked and somehow we're already through the first quarter of the year! how?! easter is in less than two weeks and i'm still uncertain what i'll be wearing. let alone what the twins will be sporting. let's be honest, it'll probably involve the avengers and/or spiderman but a mom can dream, right? ANYWAY, this ...

what i wore this week || 2/27-3/5

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in an attempt at using instagram in a more balanced way (or a fresher way?), i've decided to batch my daily outfits in a weekly format. so instead of sharing daily(ish) reels of my #ootd, i'm going to test out sharing a quick video of all seven outfits at once. we'll see how long i ...

recent purchases -february 2023

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similar to the number of days in february, the list of purchases was short in february. bank accounts rejoice! however, comma, i will say that the purchases i did make were indeed bigger ticket items (so perhaps they were fewer in number), but ones i know i'll have for years to come. expect to see them ...

woven ballet flats styled three ways

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spring, is that you? oh no, it's just my new flats that are giving me all the tulip-and-sunshine-filled days. after deciding that everyone's favorite fisherman sandals didn't quite feel like me, freda salvador launched their jada handwoven flats in three colors --complete with a chic square toe and feminine bow. it was a sign. THESE ...

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