dear 2014

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  dear 2014, first of all, you look great. that new moisturizer is definitely working. but back to my letter (squirrel!). for someone who is seemingly never silenced, i find myself at a loss for words when attempting to express just how much your 365 days have completely changed my life for the better. i mean, you kicked-off with a ...

A + K

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there is nothing quite like a family wedding. of course, friends' weddings are a blast, but there's just a little something extra special about reuniting with your next of kin to see another one of your own walk down the aisle. this past weekend i had the pleasure of seeing my cousin A marry the love ...

it’s friday, i’m in love || 11/7/14

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ready, set, weekend! i can't help but feel as though i get more and more excited about the weekend these days. maybe it's the fact that my weekdays are so busy with work and class and miscellaneous errands that i can't wait to have forty-eight hours of free time to sit and breathe and watch ...

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