dear 2014

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2014 garland


dear 2014,

first of all, you look great. that new moisturizer is definitely working.

but back to my letter (squirrel!).

for someone who is seemingly never silenced, i find myself at a loss for words when attempting to express just how much your 365 days have completely changed my life for the better. i mean, you kicked-off with a trip to australia and will finish with the most perfect new year’s eve celebration spent toasting almond champagne and kissing my love (<– you deserve a medal for dropping that one into my life about halfway through) at midnight.

2015 has some BIG shoes to fill, let’s just say that.

so to give proper credit where credit is due, i want to thank you for everything that has transpired between your bookends. for every last triumph or trial, laugh or tear. for the busy seasons and for the seasons of rest (those seemed to be few and far between). for the challenges and for the sense of “i got this” that ultimately came to proceed it. for surrounding me with the most amazing batch of humans i could have ever asked for -shared DNA or not. thank you for new opportunities and for pushing me out of my comfort zone and for hair that is well past my rib cage. thank you for countless cute outfits and delicious meals and for fulfilling a life-long dream of wearing a britney mic. thank you for the lessons learned and the heartaches mended and the “i told you so” moments when i finally realized that everything really does happen when it’s supposed to and that the best things in life come unexpectedly and are worth the wait.

but mostly, thank you for reminding me of how good i have it. i am blessed beyond measure and i pray i never lose sight of that, even when the tenure of your reign has ended. so as a tribute to you, the highlight reel of your past 12 months:

in january i:



sydney | january 2014.


went to australia.

and recapped every last adventure.


in february i:


image via: i'm charming you.

favorite book of 2014.


read some books -including one that has now become one of my absolute favorites.


in march i:


photo 1 (3)

cousins reunion | march 2014.



became a centurion at studio barre

fell in love with coconut

had a mini-reunion with my cousins

wore a high pony to work

and got busy in the kitchen:

spaghetti squash crusted pizza

shaved brussels sprouts & kale salad

vegan chocolate chip cookie “blizzard”

homemade funfetti cupcakes


in april i:


but first, let us take a selfie.

easter 2014.


celebrated easter with my family

talked about how maybe the best hadn’t happened yet (turns out i was a prophet)

and had a solid month of daily outfits


in may i:


momma's birthday | may 2014.

momma’s birthday | may 2014.


got evacuated from my home due to firestorm 2014

bought a really great dress

went to a padres game with some new friends

celebrated momtwice

and bought a funny card at trader joe’s


in june i:


#twentyFINE | june 2014.

#twentyFINE | june 2014.


redesigned my blog (rather, had this gal do it for me)

wrote an article that was featured on darling online

recapped my 28th year

turned 29

visited my aunt P in ventura

celebrated father’s day with both of my dads


in july i:


officially a studio barre instructor | july 2014.

officially a studio barre instructor | july 2014.


met the love of my life (you now know him as S)

and we started the first of what would become many an S & S original

became a studio barre instructor

celebrated my nephew’s first birthday

showered our bride-to-be

and celebrated 7 years at ljcc

(hey that rhymes!)


in august i:


austin | august 2014.

austin | august 2014.


did a lot of traveling –

first to san francisco

then to austin

celebrated shawn(a)palooza

spent a day with the ponies at del mar

and celebrated my barre besties’ 300th class


in september i:


red lips | september 2014.


became the proud new owner of a handmade desk (compliments of S)

tried red lipstick

realized that i can do anything but not everything

and challenged S to a little friendly (tennis) competition


in october i:


grandpa & me circa 1985 | october 2014.


remembered that sometimes life gets messy

got a healthy dose of autumn in nashville

shared a little more about my teammate

received a special delivery at work

and celebrated my grandma & (late) grandpa’s birthdays


in november i:


ash's wedding | november 2014.


celebrated thanksgiving with S and his family

and watched my cousin become a mrs.


and finally, in december i:


babes & me_riggins


explored dallas with my partner-in-crime and

celebrated a dear friend’s wedding

was approached by Casper to participate in their beauty sleep style challenge

made S’s grandma’s famous lemon sugar cookies

and celebrated four christmases with S in a matter of 24 hours


2014, you’ve been one helluva year. and i seriously can’t thank you enough for all of the fun we’ve shared over the past 365 days. enjoy your much needed break. it’s 2015’s time to step up to the plate.

clear eyes, full hearts, and love always,


top image via oh happy day


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