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i stopped watching grey’s anatomy a few years ago. the one season finale that ended up with nearly half of the cast dead from a hospital shooting was enough for me. but that doesn’t mean i’ve forgotten certain aspects of the show that made me tune in every thursday week after week. one said aspect was the sisterhood bond shared between meredith and christina. albeit a tad bit mean girls/you can’t sit with us-esque at times, i think their type of friendship is something we all wish to have in our own lives. we all want a friend who would go to the ends of the earth for us, or to quote dr. yang herself, who, if you murdered someone, would be the person you’d call “to drag the corpse across the living room floor.” we all want that person. and meredith and christina were always each others’ “people.”

i have a person. she is my very best friend. my insides. my heart. the peanut butter to my jelly. the ernie to my bert. the landry to my saracen. she is my biggest cheerleader. my prayer warrior. the captain of my fan club. my wise counsel and objective sounding board. and she’s mastered the emoji language. she is selfless. and strong. gracious. and wise. she is empathetic. and energetic. but mostly, just really fun.

she’s my person. my insides. my most favorite human on the planet.

to give her just a day seems so inadequate. because she deserves more than a day. she deserves 365 of them. one million three hundred and sixty five of them, in fact. so following today’s celebrations, i want to be certain i let her know on the regular just how grateful i am to call her my person. how grateful i am to have spent the last 28 years growing and changing and crying and laughing under her watchful eye and tender care. because you can never tell your person often enough that they are your person. especially,

when your person is also your mother.

so here’s to you, my person, my momma p. my doppelganger. my “sister.” my best friend forever.

i love you and today i honor you for how richly you fill my life.

happy mother’s day.


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