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in case you didn’t already know, january 3rd is the festival of sleep. i mean, how great is that? a day dedicated to sleeping in, taking naps, dozing off, and snoozing? i haven’t heard of a better idea since national chocolate day became a thing.

so in honor of  this momentous holiday, i was approached by Casper mattress to participate in their “beauty sleep style challenge.” a mattress company designing mattresses “for the bedroom, not the showroom,” Casper uses a combination of two technologies- premium latex foam for cooling & bounce and memory foam for supportive comfort, to create the perfect spot for sleeping, lounging, and dreaming.

Casper posed the question that many an inquiring mind want to know -what’s your go-to outfit for a night of beauty sleep? because let’s be honest, fashion doesn’t end when the lights go out. looking good is a 24/7 job! and that applies right down to what you decide to slip on before climbing into bed. for me, like with my non-sleeping wardrobe, comfort is key. which is why my favorite thing to slip on in the off-hours is a cotton nightshirt. with no restricting waistbands or ill-breathing fabrics, i can pair it with cozy moccasin slippers if the temperatures dip, or roll up the sleeves and keep cool if we get an unexpected heat wave.

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beauty sleep shoot1

beauty sleep shoot2

beauty sleep shoot3

beauty photo shoot4

beauty sleep shoot5

beauty sleep shoot6

beauty sleep shoot7

beauty sleep shoot8

beauty sleep shoot9

nightshirt | old navy
suede sherpa moccasins | old navy

comfort and ease aside, there’s something about wearing a nightshirt that makes me feel pretty and feminine, too. i love my over-sized sweatpants as much as the next gal, but sometimes i want to feel a little girlie instead.

i’ve gathered a few different options on how to recreate my above look -at every price point -if you’re looking to slip into a nightshirt of your own this winter season.


Sleepwear Picks


onej.crew nightshirt, $63.00

twol.l. bean flannel nightshirt, $29.99

three | lauren ralph lauren knit nightshirt, $66

four | target chaia moccasin slipper, $13.99

five | nordstrom minnetonka ‘cally’ slipper, $38.95

six | j.crew lodge moccasins, $49.50


so save the date for the festival of sleep on january 3rd. and sweet dreams, y’all!

p.s. don’t worry, that coffee is decaf.

all photos by S

  • Aunt Teresa
    December 23, 2014

    I have to be honest, you are so lovely even in sleepwear. But I almost choked when I saw your feet atop that gorgeous bedspread. Where you’re a fashion-freak (which is good), I’m a clean-freak (which is also good). So aside from my audible gasp, you look comfy and lovely. I especially like the blue piping paired on your pink and white nightshirt. Such a fashion diva, you are!!! Lots of love to you.

  • Momma
    December 23, 2014

    I have to respond to Aunt Teresa’s comment. I know that your slippers are brand new and you of all people would never put dirty slippers on your bedspread! I mean you don’t even like to go barefoot and get your feets dirty!

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