lovin’ from the cousins

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on saturday, my cousins and i congregated to have a good old-fashioned “let’s catch up on life and celebrate our respective milestones” party. between birthdays and business ventures, babies and engagements and adventures abroad, we had plenty to raise a glass to.

i believe i’ve mentioned the uniqueness of my cousin clan before. it’s composed of first cousins and second cousins and, with two little ones added into the mix, third cousins, too. but for all intents and purposes, we just call ourselves cousins and leave it at that.

despite the torrential downpour, which thwarted our original backyard bbq plan, we managed to make the most of our time together. and what a time it was. i’ve often said that even without our linked genetics, i’d choose to have these humans in my corner regardless. they are extraordinary beings -intentional, genuine, witty, talented, compassionate, hilarious, loving, and just really really fun.

we were remiss in taking a group photo, but A did capture this moment where two of the boys, excuse me, THREE of the boys blew out a few candles in celebration of their upcoming birthdays.

photo 1 (3)


it was a great night.


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