to be known and loved anyway

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i’m a big proponent of the fact that time isn’t always the proper rubric for quantifying the depth of a relationship. whether it be romantic or platonic in nature, there are simply those bonds that form almost immediately after first introduction, and despite the fact the calendar dictates contrarily, you’d swear that you’d know them your whole life.

and i’ve been fortunate enough to experience said bonds, with men and women alike. and gosh is it truly one of God’s little gifts to His creation. to feel as though this person just seems to fit. like a missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for years to find, all but turns up on your doorstep on a tuesday afternoon.

but there are other friendships, relationships, sisterhoods, whose history stems far deeper than a handful of rotations around the earth’s axis. whose bonds are years in the making. and whose bonds have survived every milestone big and small and have still come out unscathed. 

and that isn’t to say that life’s chaos doesn’t result in many a circumstantial leave of absence from these bonds, for a time or two. but like any deep-running and meaningful friendship, when reunited once more, it’s as if not a single tick of that second hand has passed.

because somewhere along the way, these people, these cheerleaders of life, have become your community. the ones perpetually in your corner. the ones quickest to share in your triumphs, come alongside you in your trials, and well, remind you who and what you truly are. they know you, like really know you. like “i remember when you had braces and made your debut on the school’s cheer squad” know you, “when you had blonde hair and decided to graduate college a year early” know you. “when you dated that one frog (and a few more after that), and when you landed upon a prince” know you, too. and despite all of that knowledge, and because of it, too, they love you, and unabashedly so, anyway.

simply said, they are your personal cheers bar. “where every body knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.”

i attended a baby shower yesterday for a gal i’ve known in some capacity for over half of my life. and i’m happy to say that our bond has only grown with the increase of candles on each of our birthday cakes. and while i had let a greater amount of time than i’m proud to admit pass since our last meeting, as soon as i ventured through the doorway of the hostesses’ home, and was surrounded by not only her company, but by the company of so many dear girl friends from childhood, adulthood, and somewhere in between, i couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of comfort. like a big blanket had all but dropped from the sky and fashioned itself around my feeble shoulders (or maybe that was the wall of humidity i also encountered. it was HOT y’all). i was home. these were my people. these were my cheerleaders. these were the ones who i could sit and laugh with for hours and the ones who, without even realizing it, made me feel like me again.

not that i feel as though i’ve lost “me.” hardly. i think this might be the juncture in my life where i’m more aware of “me” than i have ever been before. but maybe parts of me have gone missing. or rather, maybe parts have simply taken a back seat so other parts can play first fiddle for a season.

and an afternoon spent with college roommates, sorority sisters, former tennis teammates, and members of families known from a shared private school education, or simply put -amazingly beautiful (inside and out) women of God who He has so graciously loaned me for a time being -just served to remind me that

hey, i’m appreciated.

i’m rooted for.

i’m laughed at (in a good way, like your blog is really funny or your instagram captions bring a smile to my face).

i’m supported.

and most importantly, that i’m loved.

and i am the luckiest.


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  • Teresa
    September 11, 2012

    You expressed it well. Wholesome, enriching friendships are nurtured over time. And when time and distance separates us from these people we wish them well and think fondly of them. But, when we gather…. it’s like fresh scented air… it quickens something inside of us. You’re fortunate to have such people in your life. You’re blessed. (Also, I’ll bet they feel the same about you… energizing, encouraging, and enjoying each other when you’re together.)

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