2013: a year for transition & travel

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annnd that's a wrap, folks! i cannot believe another 365 days have come and gone and we're already at another new year's doorstep. and while i'm always grateful to have been gifted another chapter to fill my life's novel, i will say that i'm very ready (maybe more than in previous years) to say so-long ...

recreate what i ate: acai bowl

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if you're not familiar with acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-eeee"), it's basically a really powerful berry. personally, i like to picture it like a blueberry with biceps (can't you see it?). anyway, acai is like a big thing in san diego. i think it's all the yogis and health freaks that populate our town (myself included). and ...

g is for granola

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g is for "Granola." it's also for "Get in mah belly." and "Gosh, this stuff is Good." and "Gone" as in, that's exactly what's going to happen to it if i don't keep in mind the fact that nuts are really expensive. g is also for "Giraffe". but that's neither here nor there, i just like giraffes. anyway, as you ...

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