snickers vs. stevia

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i’ve never been much of a candy person. my easter candy would last me until halloween and the halloween treats until easter. it was like one vicious cycle of stale snickers bars and jelly beans. sure, i’d tear through a reeses peanut butter cup or twelve on the holiday itself, but after a handful of days, those little satchels of saccharine all but lost their appeal.

and there the candy stash would sit. in the back of the cupboard. for months on end.

eventually i simply outgrew trick-or-treating and “the easter bunny” finally caught on that this gal would rather find gum and quarters over chocolate and gummies in those plastic eggs and as a result, i haven’t had to deal with the guilt of letting a perfectly viable candy cornucopia succumb to the gods of rot and decay since.

and i realize my personal abhorrence to chocolately chews is quite abnormal (please, abnormal is my middle name, just kidding, it’s leeann) and not shared by many (probably most) of my fellow man. so when my momma prepared his and her easter eggs to be hidden for a his and her egg hunt on sunday, she definitely took each of our egg-filling preferences into consideration. and the result was 14 eggs-worth of easter loot perfectly customized for their recipient.

and if you don’t believe me; photographic proof.

his & hers easter loot

allow me to specify. to the left we have the contents of a normal person (i.e. anyone other than yours truly)’s easter egg hunt bounty. cadbury eggs, fun-size snickers, reeses peanut butter cups in the shape of eggs, kit kat bars, you know, overall chocolatey goodness. and to the right we have the contents of my (i.e. a not normal person; see also: abnormal) easter egg hunt treasures. trident gum and stevia (natural sweetener). a regular party animal over here, i know.

regardless of our differing egg hunt helpings, the main point is that we had a blast. and that the easter bunny is really quite accommodating (thanks EB!). and that (as if i haven’t said this dozens times before, or maybe just once) you’re really really never too old for an egg hunt.

hope y’all had wonderful easters!


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